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Vegan Foods

Tips for a healthy and nutritious rich salad

A rich and fresh vegetable salad may serve as a delicious starter that opens the appetite but can be made…

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Tofu – World and Full

The soy is a magic touch with a magic touch. Soy milk forms the tofu, and tofu is a raw…

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Fats and their incorporation into a vegan diet

We often avoid consuming high-fat products. But we shouldn’t. Fat plays a particularly important role in helping the body function and its…

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For vegan vegetable pies

When looking for a tasty and comforting addition to a fresh vegetable salad, in most cases opt for a good…

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Healthy and satisfying energy snack

Why feed our kids with high-sugar and empty nutritional snacks? Why not indulge ourselves with a sweet, rich and mostly…

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The vegan recipe pasta

Pasta is a staple in many kitchens. It is delicious, satisfying and has excellent flavors. So simple to make pasta that it…

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A vegan substitute for milk

Milk and its products appear in so many recipes, but we must not hurry and reject them. Today there is…

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Vegan substitute for egg

Eggs are seen as essential for use in a wide variety of recipes, but it turns out that there are…

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Calcium – Importance and Sources in a Vegan Diet

The dairy industry around the world is investing millions of shekels to make everyone believe that 3 dairy products a…

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