13 Eco Friendly Products for Your Home

It is important to use eco-friendly home products to save our planet. Global warming is the major problem in today’s world.

To reduce pollution you need to shift to green home products.

By using these green products you can not only save the environment but can also save your money.

Technology is introducing many new eco-friendly gadgets.

Purchase these green home products to stay healthy.

Some of the green home products include:

1-Solar candle: 

It looks similar to the real and genuine candle.

You can charge these candles by keeping them in sunlight.

By using natural solar energy the device gets charged up.

This reduces your electricity charges.

They can provide enough lighting for the home.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly home device which gives bright light to your home then solar candle is the right choice for you.

2-Powered H2O shower radio: 

H2O H2O-100 Power Water Pressure Powered Shower Radio

This smart radio is embedded into the shower and it is proved to be eco-friendly product which doesn’t harm the environment.

It is made up of hydrodynamics which automatically generates the desired energy.

The generated energy charges the battery which is popularly known as on-board batteries.

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3-Remote control Leopard: 

To save energy reduces the usage of electrical remotes and batteries.

Technology introduced solar mechanical remote controls.

This remote gets charged up by the room lights and by using the sunlight.

4-Bedol water mechanical clock: 

This excellent watch works by using the natural resource of earth i.e. Water.

Using salty water, electrodes generate electricity.

This eco-friendly home gadget is available in different shapes and sizes.

Select the one which comes within your budget.

5-Eco cleanser: 

This is a powerful device which gives clean and fresh look to your dishes.

It works by using the ultra-sonic waves and ionizes the food present on the dishes.

6-Solar Gas Furnace: 

This is an effective gas furnace which offers numerous benefits to the users.

It is one among the popular green product which helps in green living.

7-Light bulbs:

If you are thinking to replace light bulbs, opt for a fluorescent light bulb.

This helps in preventing the greenhouse gases.

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If you are planning to renovate your home think about the green home paints.

Select the best quality paints that are free from formaldehyde, non-crystalline silica, free from acetone that has low VOC.

Make sure that you check these elements before purchasing paints which contributes to a green environment

9-Kitchen countertops: 

Buy the kitchen countertops that are made from recycled materials.

Counter tops which are made from glass will be 100% recycled.

10-Eco-friendly building products: 

Use sustainable building products for your home.

For instance select wood materials.

Timber is proved to the best green material which doesn’t harm the environment.

11-Battery charger: 

Opt for the rechargeable battery which doesn’t release harmful gases into the environment.

12-Battery free flashlight: 

This is a handy device which is useful in case of power outage.

You can not only save money but can contribute to an eco-friendly environment.

13-Solar products: 

If you are looking to save your electricity bills then switch to the energy efficient eco-friendly solar products.

There are different solar appliances for your home like solar water heaters , ovens, cookers, PV modules etc.

Make your home green by purchasing these equipments.