By now all of us are familiar enough with all the “Go Green” campaigns and those “eco clubs” of your community.

So people are taking serious attempt to go green – everywhere you look they are using reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags, gathering scrap metals for recycling instead of throwing them in the trash can, walking and cycling instead of biking their cars, insulating their home and replacing the leaky windows.

Abrupt changes in climate, which is one of the leading news most of the days and several other reasons has fueled this trend up.

So if you are still not aware of the facts that why should you go green, here I have jotted down some of the key factors, take a quick look :

1-Save the rare animal species :

Going environment friendly help to save the rare species of animal.

Large carnivores need wide amount of wild land to roam about without any danger.

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2-Opt for a healthier work environment :

Ordering non-toxic cleaning supplies from now on as this will help those of your employees who are highly allergenic to chemicals and face serious health hazards due to chemical reactions.

Arranging the workspace of your employees in a manner so that they get plenty of sunlight and don’t need to use the electricity is beneficial for their overall health.

3-Save the trees :

Remember the photosynthesis chapter in your standard VII textbook?

Yes, you got me right; though we all are known to the benefits that we get from trees, including maintaining the carbon dioxide-oxygen balance in the air, regulating the climate, preventing floods, providing shade to us and providing wildlife for habitat, we are not careful enough to save them.

Construction of multistoried buildings, manufacture of wood products and paper and many other unsustainable practices lead to the destruction of vast forest lands, making the world even a more vulnerable place.

4-Make your home more valuable :

This is one of the most important reasons to go green.

Whether you opt for energy saving toilets or showers or you are making larger investments like installing solar panels on your rooftop or purchasing wind-powered instruments, making your house eco-friendly is really beneficial as it helps you to lead a healthier life as well as increase the sale ability for the future.

5-Increase the durability :

While going green and using environment friendly material for your home, you can be assured of its durability.

Materials like recycled wood decks are prepared to endure harsh weathering for years.

6-Save your hard earned money :

Installing green alternatives like energy saving window fixtures or doors in your house or using fluorescent light bulbs instead of electric tube lights or bulbs help you save a lot in the electric bill.

You can also save a lot in the water bill by renovating your toilet or opting for a energy efficient toilet.

Because toilets which were built before 1982 use almost 5 to 7 gallons of water per flush whereas energy efficient toilets use only a little more than a gallon per flush.

7-Ensure a safe future to your kids :

Global warming, green house gas emission, abruptly changing calamities and increased rate of natural disasters – all indicate to the jeopardized future of our planet.

Hence lead a eco friendly life and ensure a safe future to your next generation.

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