Are Brownies Vegan

How are brownies made? Are Brownies Vegan? Let’s find out.

Originated in the late 1880s in America, either through a happy baking mistake or through calculated work, Brownies are a chocolate dessert made very much like cake, but they are not leavened with baking powder.

The chocolate brownie or simply Brownies can be square or rectangular and come in a variety of forms and may be either fudgy or cakey, depending on their density.

They are eaten by hand, often accompanied by milk, served warm with ice cream, topped with whipped cream or sprinkled with powdered sugar and fudge.[1]

Brownies are made from flour, butter, eggs, chocolate and/or cocoa powder and sugar.

Are they vegan? Are Brownies vegan? No. The original recipe of Brownies is not vegan as it contains butter and eggs, Therefore Brownies are not suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

But with a few creative substitutions you can make an incredible batch of vegan brownies.

Do Brownies Contain Dairy?

No. Brownies are dairy free.

The original recipe has just 5 ingredients: chocolate, sugar, butter, eggs and flour.

But other recipe may also include nuts, frosting, cream cheese, chocolate chips, or other ingredients.

So always double check product label if you buy them in the store or online.


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