Are Butterscotch Candies Vegan

What are Butterscotch Candies made of? Are they vegan? In this article we will cover the ingredients of Butterscotch Candies, how they are made, and if vegans can eat Butterscotch Candies.

Butterscotch is a type of hard candy whose primary ingredients are brown sugar and butter. And sometimes corn syrup is added as a part of some recipes. They are made by boiling brown sugar and butter together in water.

Some recipes sometimes add other ingredients such as vanilla, cream and salt.

Butterscotch is similar to toffee with some differences in preparation.

Butterscotch is generally distinguished by the absence of milk or milk substitutes from its recipe.

Are they vegan ? Are Butterscotch Candies Vegan ? No. The traditional Butterscotch Candies are not vegan. They contain animal derived ingredients (butter and brown sugar).

Butter is made from cows’ milk and manufacturer use bone char to process their sugar, which makes brown sugar not vegan too.

But there’s some vegan butterscotch candy recipe that use only plant based ingredients and are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

You can also buy them online from here. They are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, vegan, Kosher, made in a nut free facility and have NO artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

butterscotch candies vegan

Does Butterscotch Contain Actual Scotch?

No. Traditional Butterscotch has only two ingredients: butter and brown sugar.

You can cook the recipe to 240F for a butterscotch sauce, 250F for a classic butterscotch candy, 260–280F will be a harder candy and 305–310F and you’ll have toffee.

Do Butterscotch Candies Have Dairy?

Yes. Butterscotch Candies have dairy.

The original recipe contains butter that is a dairy product created from proteins and fats found in cow milk-based and cream.

Other recipe may also contain milk products.

Are Butterscotch Chips Vegan?

Most brands of Butterscotch Chips contain milk products, which makes them unsuitable for vegans.

But you can use Caramel chips as a substitute for the butterscotch chips and you can make them vegan friendly.

Are Butterscotch Candies Halal?

Yes. The original Butterscotch Candies are Halal.

They are made with brown sugar and butter. These ingredients are Halal.

But as a rule of dumbs, always double check product label before buying.


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