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What are Wontons Wrappers made of? Are Wonton Wrappers Vegan ? Let’s find out. In this article we will cover the Wontons Wrappers ingredients, how they are made, and if vegans can eat Wontons Wrappers .

Wonton Wrappers (or skins) are paper-thin sheets of dough used to make the outer layer of wontons. They are essential to making appetizers like egg rolls and dumplings.

The traditional Chinese Wonton Wrappers are made from wheat flour, eggs and water, and can be used to wrap around any number of fillings to be cooked in soups or fried.

Are they vegan? Are Wonton Wrappers Vegan? Unfortunately, NO. Store-bought wonton wrappers are made with eggs, which makes them unsuitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

Vegan Wonton Wrappers:

If you can’t find vegan wonton wrappers in stores, it’s easy to make your own.

It’s only 4 ingredients that make these wrappers.

Just add the flour, water, and salt to a food processor and mix well.

Then let the dough rest for 20 minutes. After that break the dough in half, and start dusting with a rolling pin.

Finally, use a large circle cookie cutter to make round wrappers. That’s it.

Do Wonton Wrappers Contain Eggs?

Wonton Wrappers contain egg by default.

Wonton wrappers are made from the same dough as egg roll wrappers.

Are Wonton Wrappers Gluten Free?

Because the traditional wonton wrappers are made from wheat flour, they are not considered gluten free.

Even the commercially available wonton wrappers are definitely not gluten free.

However, you can easily make them gluten free.

Do Wonton Wrappers Have Dairy?

No. Wonton Wrappers do not contain milk or milk derived product and therefore they are dairy free.

But as manufacturers may change their recipe ingredients, always doublecheck product label before buying.


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