5 Proven Health Benefits of Beets

Vegetables are so diverse in aspect of nutrients and health benefits.

So our mothers always force us to eat them when we were kids.

They range through a great variety of vitamins and minerals the benefits our body in various ways.

Every vitamin and minerals has some beneficiary purpose in our body.

Deficiency of these vitamins and minerals can cause various malfunctions thus deteriorating our health.

So it is very important for us to consume every nutrient proportionately for our body’s well being.

Beets are also known as beetroots.

It is a very versatile vegetable with a beautiful colour.

The white beetroot is usually avoided due to its sky rocketing sugar content.

The white beetroot is mostly used to manufacture sugar and other sweet edibles.

The golden and red beets are the popular ones. Plenty are seen in the vegetable market.

The sweet taste prevents it from being a repulsive vegetable and the bright colour is also popular among kids.

The leaf of beets is also very nutrias even though we mostly tend to throw them away.

It is a great value per nutrient vegetable since beets health benefits are many.

Here are a few beets health benefits:

1-High in vitamins and minerals

Beets contain sky scrapping quantities of vitamins and minerals.

The nutrients range from iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B, Vitamin C and also beta-cyanine, folic acid and beta-carotene.

The list of beets health benefitting nutrients does not end here.

The green roots of beetroots are also ingrained with nutrients.

Beetroot is also beneficial for pregnant woman.

Since iron and vitamin B promote new cell growth and also help overcome the iron deficiency that a woman suffers during pregnancy.

2Help in mental health

The rich colour of beets is due to betaine.

Yes that is used to manage depression. Beets also have tryptophan that relaxes our nerves and gives a sense of peace.

It also lowers high blood pressure instantly as it is an excellent vasodilator due to its high dietary nitrate content.

So chop the round veggie up, relax on the couch, watch your favourite move and keep munching those beets.

3-Improves sexual health

Beets are great aphrodisiac as were used by the ancient Romans as an alternative of modern-day Viagra.

Beetroots also contain boron that stimulates sexual hormones in human body.

4-Boost stamina

Beetroots have high quantity of carbohydrate and dietary nitrates.

These two help in improving stamina by lowering the oxygen requirement of the body to perform a task.

Beet juice is very popular among athletes due to this add on to the list of beets health benefits.

5-Great cleanser

This is another one benefit on the long list of beets health benefits.

Beetroots are great cleanser. The gradually cleanse the blood and also help to avoid various types of cancer.

Beer root juice acts like a great liver tonic that has no side-effects but only benefits.

Completely organic and can be eaten raw or by cooking.

Lets test your stomach acid

Perform a simple test.

Drink the juice of beetroot twice, if your urine becomes pink or reddish in colour you are probably suffering from low stomach acid.

So if you were not a very big fan of beetroots, hopefully you will be now and give beets a try to experience its marvel.