As people grow older, they gradually decrease their eye health and function. This is normal to happen. Several forms of eye problem might attack, such as glaucoma, cataracs, and macualr degeneration.

One thing to protect your eyes from damage is consuming healthy vegetable and fruits for your eye health.

These healthy foods should contain vitamin A, vitamin C, copper, lutein, and xeanthanin which contribute to improve your eye condition.

Here are several kinds of fruit and vegetable which are good for your eye.



Carrots are essential to keep eyes healthy. They are rich sources of vitamin A.

If people do not get enough vitamin A, they will have greater possibility to get eye problems related to blindness and dry eyes.

As people get older, they easily develop cataracs. Therefore, they are recommended to eat enough carrots as prevention.

The high amount of vitamin A best fights the degeneration.

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2-Citrus Fruit

Citrus Fruit

It is surprising for me to know that citrus fruits can help maintain eye health.

It is because of the vitamin C contained in citrus. Citrus which is rich of vitamin C works to keep several skin problems to happen such as glaucoma and cataracs.

Citrus also contains considerable amount of flavonoid. This essential substance is needed for the body to keep the eye healthy.

Therefore, consuming citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit, and lemon is good for your sight.



As we all know, berries are also rich of vitamin C. Therefore, consuming berries is also good for maintaining your eye condition. Adding the benefit, berries contain flavonoids.

Flavonoids in berries also play an important role to prevent cataracs and eye degeneration.

To consume berries, you can add it to your oats. It improves the taste as well as the appearance.

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4-Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers can be found easily in many cuisines. Usually, they are used to add colors to the food and improve the appearance.

But did you know that behind the colorful presentation, bell peppers keep many benefits for eyes.

They contain considerable amount of vitamin C and vitamin A. These vitamins work to lower the risk of cataracs and macular degeneration.

Bell peppers also contain lutein and xeanthanin. These two substances are carotenoids found naturally in fruits and vegetables which have orange and red colors.

These carotenoids are contained in plants to prevent damage from sunlight related to the light ray.

In the eyes, lutein and xeanthanin can be found in macula. They work as antioxidant which protect the eyes from free radicals responsible to damage the cells.

By nature, these carotenoids also protect retina from light which might lead to macular degeneration.

Lutein and xeanthanin are good to prevent inflammation in retina’s cells and retina tissue damage.

They also help us lower the risk of cataracs as we get older. Therefore, starting from now we need to fulfill our need of lutein and xeanthanin.

Besides consuming bell pepper, we can also eat other fruits and vegetables which contain high amount of these substances, such as spinach, tomato, and kale.

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Apricots are included in the list of fruits and vegetables which are good to maintain the condition of our eyes.

If we consume apricots, we add vitamin A to our diet. Vitamin A in apricots will help us fight the risk of cataracs and macular degeneration.

High amount of antioxidant is also found in apricots. This antioxidant help us protect our eyes from free radicals which are responsible to cause cells and tissue damage.

Therefore, you also successfully protect the eye lenses.

6-Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi fruit

Kiwi is included in the list of fruits and vegetables for eye health. You are suggested to eat two to three kiwis each day for preventing any eye diseases such as cataracs and macular degeneration.

Many people love to eat kiwi with their cereals. Kiwi is also rich of lutein and xeanthanin, the substance which build your macula or the center of the retina.

By consuming this lutein and xeanthanin rich fruit, you help your eye rebuild and protect the macula.

When you consume kiwi, you add amount of copper which is necessary for your eye health.

Copper helps improve the nerve in the retina. The vitamin C in kiwi also helps repair damaged eye cells and protect your eyes from cataracs.

Those are several foods included in the list of fruits and vegetables for your eye health.

They contain high amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, lutein, xeanthanin, and copper which work to maintain the condition of your eye.

Start consuming those fruits and vegetables right now will bring a good result in the future as well.

You can eat them raw because by eating them raw, you will get the fullest nutritions from them.

If you overcook them, you will lose the essential nutritions.


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