8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Breadfruit

Who doesn’t know breadfruit. 

This fruit has a texture of meat that is fibrous and soft like bread. 

No wonder Europeans call breadfruit as a fruit of bread or breadfruit. 

Breadfruit is found as a lot of garden plants for fruit. 

Breadfruit can be processed with boiled, fried, roasted or burned. 

Besides that, it can also be processed into thinly sliced ​​chips and then fried. 

Even in the Pacific region, breadfruit is used as a source of carbohydrates and is used as one of the staple food substitutes for bread.

Breadfruit is a fruit that has no seeds and grows in several tropical islands. 

Breadfruit trees generally have large and straight stems, which can reach 30 meters high. 

But in rural areas the height usually only reaches a dozen meters. 

This plant has large interleaved leaflets with leaf widths of 20-40 x 20-60 cm, pinnate leaf bone shape, dark green shiny at the top, and rough and downy hair at the bottom. 

Spaced apart, there is a bud covered with large cone-shaped leaflets.

Even the carbohydrate content in breadfruit is equivalent to the carbohydrate content found in rice. 

Low calorie content makes breadfruit as a food that is suitable for a healthy diet.

Breadfruit has a fairly complete nutritional content, both vitamins and minerals. 

In addition, breadfruit also contains several important phytochemical substances that are needed by the body, especially the essential amino acid content, such as methionine, isoleucine, lysine, vialin, histidine, and tryptophan.

The nutritional content of this fruit is quite high. 

Here is a collection of nutrients and compounds contained in breadfruit:

  • • Carbohydrates
  • • Protein
  • • Fiber
  • • fat
  • • Niacin
  • • Folates
  • • Pyridoxine
  • • Thiamin
  • • Riboflavin
  • • Vitamin A
  • • Vitamin E
  • • Vitamin C
  • • Vitamin K
  • • Sodium
  • • Calcium
  • • Potassium
  • • Copper
  • • Magnesium
  • • Iron
  • • Manganese
  • • Selenium
  • • Phosphor
  • • Zinc
  • • Carotene-ß –
  • • Lutein-zeaxanthin
  • • Crypto-xanthin-ß

Efficacy of Breadfruit Fruit:

The abundance of nutrients contained in this breadfruit turned out to save various properties for health and help overcome several types of diseases. 

The following reviews the benefits of breadfruit for health:

1. Rich in fiber

Breadfruit is very useful for people with diabetes because the fiber content can reduce the absorption of sugar by the body. 

Research shows that if we consume breadfruit on a regular basis we can reduce the risk of diabetes and blood sugar levels can be controlled.

2. Longer satiety

Breadfruit is often used as a substitute for rice when someone is on a diet because this fruit without increasing calorie intake can provide a feeling of fullness that lasts longer. 

So that someone will feel active and energetic when consuming it.

3. Dietary foods

For people who suffer from obesity, breadfruit is the right choice. 

Having a high amount of fiber and fewer calories is ideal to include in your diet menu list.

4. Sources of Omega 6 and Omega 3

According to experts, eating breadfruit can help the growth of children who are developing flowers. 

Besides that it can help the growth of their cerebrum because breadfruit contains omega 3 fatty acids.

Plus there is a pair of essential fatty acids which are also good for heart health.

5. Source of Antioxidants

Consuming breadfruit regularly will make the skin healthy both inside and out. 

According to the latest research, antioxidants in breadfruit are found to be good for preventing skin infections. 

By eating breadfruit naturally someone will get smooth and glowing skin.

6. Drugs for defecation

High levels of fiber in breadfruit can play a role in promoting defecation by consuming it regularly. 

Besides that, it can also remove toxins from the intestine.

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7. Good for beauty

The content of omega 3 and omega 6 in breadfruit is very good for skin beauty. 

In addition, breadfruit is also rich in vitamin C which is good for skin health.

8. Source of vitamins and minerals for hair

The content of omega 6 fatty acids in breadfruit is very beneficial for the health of hair follicles

The results obtained by hair are not easy to fall out, healthy and strengthen hair roots and prevent baldness. 

In addition, breadfruit can repel dandruff in the hair.

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