1-What is Aloe Vera?

The ALOE VERA is a succulent plant that looks like a cactus.

It is however, a member of the Lily Family.

There are more than 200 Aloe Vera plants species.

It has many nutritious and medicinal benefits but is best known for aiding burns. 

This is probably because the aloe vera leaf is very succulent.

In fact the aloe vera leaf gel is 90% water.

Many of those that have benefited first hand from the wonderful healing qualities have Aloe Vera growing right in their house.

Aloe Vera is great house plant that doesn’t need too much tending but has excellent medicinal qualities.

2-Aloe Vera History

All About Aloe Vera History and Where the Magic Came From

So who discovered Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera mysteriously appears in every phase of history, with many testimonials to its great medicinal values.

There is mention of Aloe Vera by all civilisations from the Eygptians, Arabs, Greeks, Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Native American Indians and various European populations. 

It is believed by many however to have originated in Africa and transported to various parts of the globe by conquering armies and travellers.

Alexander the Great was known to have carried the Aloe Vera plant into battle to treat the cuts and wounds of his soldiers. The medicinal effects of Aloe Vera are so powerful that they help combat infection in the wound and overcome the potential for further infection because of its anti-fungal / bacterial nature.

Cleopatra, is said to have used the aloe vera gel on her skin as protection from the sun, and to have thought the aloe vera gel helped to keep her skin looking young.

The Egyptians are thought to have used aloe vera in their embalming.

The Spanish Conquistadors and Missionaries were probably responsible for taking Aloe Vera to the "new world". Aloe Vera was planted around missions and used extensively by missionaries and the native population as a universal healing agent.

The Plant of Many Names…

Aloe Vera, has been known by many names over the ages:-

The Greek scientists, 2000 years ago called Aloe Vera “The Universal Panacea”
The Egyptians called Aloe Vera “The PLANT of IMMORTALITY”
The American Indians called Aloe Vera “The WAND of HEAVEN”
Today the common name is just “ALOE VERA” or “The BURN PLANT” or “Lily of the Desert” or just “The Medicine Plant”.

Today many ancient tales of the natural healing powers of Aloe Vera have proven to be factual, rather than fanciful, as modern medicine unlocks the secrets contained within the leaves.

Aloe Vera is now the basis of a multimillion-dollar industry of health and beauty products.

And why not, aloe vera has long been known for its natural healing and powerful regenerative properties.

Although Scientists have not yet discovered all the secrets of why Aloe Vera works…

They do realise that it is the “Specific Mixture of the Ingredients” in Aloe Vera that is responsible for giving the plant it’s wide range of healing powers.

So-called “modern medicine” can’t argue with the effectiveness of Aloe Vera on hundreds of maladies.

3-So What Is Aloe Vera Good For?

So What Is Aloe Vera Good For

The Aloe Vera juice and gel are an awesome source of Vitamins and Minerals. 

More importantly minerals. Why?

Because minerals cannot be manufactured by the body and must be supplied from our diets.

We need minerals for optimal health.

Unfortunately many of the minerals that are essential to the body and our long term health are no longer readily available in our day to day diet.

Consuming a good quality aloe vera juice on a regular basis can do wonders for you health.

This has been known for eons but is only in the past 50 years being confirmed by science.

There is no doubt that aloe vera juice benefits are essential for healthy living in our modern world. 

4-External Uses of Aloe Vera

External Uses of Aloe Vera

There are several local and external use to play an active role in aloe plant on the skin.

4-1-Aloe vera cream soap and face cream for acne

People appear to reduce the routine use of aloe vera acne soap, because it contains a combination of aloe gel and aloe vera extract.

People with acne should use aloe vera soap for at least 2 times, because it will help keep the skin dry for a long time.

Aloe Vera also reduces inflammation of acne infection in the affected areas.

That is not true that aloe completely eliminate acne, but it helps reduce swelling, inflammation of the skin and application of bizarre daily.

You can also use aloe vera liquid and apply it to real-affected areas.

Clean area of the school can comply with the provisions of aloe vera soap.

A single application of aloe vera cream soap after the symptoms should reduce the degree of acne.

Herb is a gift of God and nature to us.

In the natural health and healing, we believe that the body has the ability to repair itself from any illness, or even that terminally ill.

We also believe that the overall health and healing, when we realize that different places have different body highly interlinked, often beyond human understanding.

Such a good idea to apply these basic health measures, no matter how remote or unrelated health condition may seem.

4-2-Type of Aloe bar soap

Another use is to make use of aloe vera soap.

Some aloe vera bar includes all natural ingredients, does not include any animal ingredients, artificial colors and chemical industries.

They contain ingredients such as citric acid, saponified olive oil, aloe vera, water, sodium chloride, fragrance.

People with dry skin can try this aloe vera bar.

Another type of aloe article includes specific ingredients such as hemp oil, peppermint oil, vitamin c, E, lavender, olive fatty acids, rosemary extract and more.

This product can be used in the baby, because it is a mild skin cleansing Shuangjie moisture and effective baby skin.

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4-3-Aloe cream butter and liquid

Another is in making use of aloe vera extract is extremely helpful in the fight against ecological stress Cleanser, that is a natural moisturizer and skin softener in the face and other exposed parts of the body.

Has begun to prepare, “from the aloe vera plant, and to help protect the early stage of maturity for the skin surface and other exposed parts of the body.

It also brings a natural glow face and make the skin soft and smooth.

Some possible components of aloe vera liquid jojoba oil, lanolin and vitamin E, an increase of natural moisturizing effect.

Dry skin may apply aloe vera to the skin soft and fluid and flexible.

For best results, gentle face massage, aloe vera liquid for ten minutes every day, give it a natural glow.

4-4-Aloe cream bowls of flour

People can have sensitive skin face powder aloe combined with other ingredients such as cinnamon and silk powder.

If there is no harmful chemicals, artificial colors and flavors, there is no side effects.

It does not block the pores of the face, does not cause allergies, and work as a natural sunscreen.

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4-5-Aloe cream and sunburn

One of the most popular uses of aloe cream to treat sunburn relief.

Should take advantage of those who suffer from sunburn aloe vera gel contains aloe leaf liquid and derivative.

Assist in the treatment of burns and as a gel antimicrobial agents, it contains B aloectin, help strengthen the immune system.

4-6-Foot mask to make a smooth


½ cup oatmeal

Half a cup of corn meal

Four table spoons of aloe gel

Half a cup of body lotion is not

Put all ingredients in a large bowl, then they are normal.

Posted on foot and friction from the toes to the ankle.

You will notice amazing results in two or three uses of the aloe in this way.

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5-Aloe Vera Side Effects

Aloe Vera Side Effects

I have written quite a lot on this site about all the good uses to which aloe vera can be put, however, as with most things in life, it’s side effects, I feel, need to be recorded in order to ensure that both care and balance are preserved.

Many times throughout this site I have stated that I use a specially prepared aloe vera concentrate which I mix in cold water and drink as and when I choose.

However, I took great care in choosing this preparation and I follow the directions for use of the product to the letter, as I have always been aware that the side effects can be quite unpleasant and overdosing on it.

Potentially very unpleasant as it can cause loose bowels and painful stomach cramps.

I have included below a list of some of the side effects that have been documented for the purposes of ensuring that care is taken in selecting and using aloe vera products.


Dehydration can result from overdosing on aloe vera, so follow the dosage indicated on any product you may purchase for use.

5-2-Intestinal spasms or stomach cramps

Again these can result from overdosing on the product, so ensure you use products according to the manufacturers instruction.

5-3-Diarreahea or Kidney

Severe diarreahea or kidney problems can also arise as a result of overdosing.

If you are taking steroids or diuretics you should not take aloe vera internally.

If you are taking prescribed medication, you should check with your doctor before using aloe vera or anyother herbs for that matter.

Mixing prescribed drugs with herbal remedies is unwise as the combination may result in worsening whatever condition or ailment you may be trying to cure.

Further aloe vera side effects can include muscle weakness and irregular heart beats due to a lowering of potassium in the blood.

Anyone suffering from heart or kidney problems should not use aloe vera internally.

If you are pregnant or nursing your baby, aloe vera should definitely not be taken orally.

Aloe vera may cause spontaneous abortion in pregnant women.

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6-Is aloe vera suitable and safe for children?

Is aloe vera suitable and safe for children

Aloe Vera is becoming a popular product used for healing treatment of certain ailments.

The question may arise whether Aloe vera is suitable and safe for children?

This is so because any product which is unsafe or have side effects can’t achieve popularity and success even if it may have the ability to cure the diseases.

And if children are concerned, the market value of the product diminishes even more exponentially.

All of this is great news for parents of children who could benefit from increased digestive tract and immune system health.

You can feel confident, when you give your child Aloe Vera supplements (juice, pills), which you are caring for your child in the most effective manner and providing the support they need, in the form of Aloe Vera supplements, to grow up strong and healthy.

Aloe vera side effects are rare.

However, if your children feel any allergic reactions or unexpected results, you should stop using Aloe Vera right away.

Sometimes overdose and long term usage of aloe vera supplements and drugs may cause harmful effects at children health.

Overdose may causes certain health disorder in children like:

And bone corrosion

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