1. Prevent Cancer

It is common knowledge that cancer is the most risky killer in the world.

Therefore, you should be vigilant.

Luckily because ginger offers a safe way out for you.

The antioxidant content contained in it can protect the body from various attacks of cancer and prevent you from abnormal cell growth.

2. Treating Fever

The benefits of ginger are the next to relieve fever.

Often you feel worried when your baby’s body is hot and doesn’t go down.

If you have this, it’s a good idea to discourage you from giving your baby the medicine you bought from the pharmacy.

There is nothing wrong not if you try to eliminate the fever in their body with ginger.

For maximum results, you can add the herbal ingredients with turmeric.

3. Prevent Pain

Pain may have become a classic problem that you often encounter.

Not only pain in certain parts, pain is also sometimes accompanied by inflammation, headache, and menstruation.

But again you don’t need to rush and panic, take ginger to overcome this problem you are facing.

Analgesic substances embedded in ginger are thought to be able to reduce pain effectively.

4. Curing Bird Flu

Who would have thought if the benefits of ginger were also able to solve a disease that had been a trending topic in Indonesia for the past few years?

Recent research conducted at Airlangga University in Surabaya found that the presence of curcumin in ginger can reduce cytotoxic levels.

While for people with bird flu, they experience an increase in cytotoxins which have the potential to damage the patient’s cells.

To get the benefits of ginger, there are two recipes that you can apply:Boil 30 grams of ginger, 60 grams of purslane, 30 grams of turmeric, and 15 grams of sambiloto with 600 ml of water.

Make sure you have washed all the ingredients beforehand.

Wait until the stew boils and leave only 200 ml of water.25 grams of turmeric, 30 grams of ginger, 15 grams of sambiloto, 90 grams of skinless aloe vera, and 600 ml of water.

Leave for a while until boiling and half of the boiled water is left. Strain and drink.

5. Ward off viruses and germs

Your immunity plays an important role in maintaining health.

A body that is equipped with a good immune system will not be susceptible to harmful germs or viruses.

Herbal ingredients that are quite telling for you to rely on are ginger.

This rhizome has compounds that are as imonustimulants, which will work to protect the body from disease and strengthen your immune system.

6. Increase stamina

You can also use the benefits of ginger as an alternative to strengthen stamina.

Temulawak mixed with turmeric will make your body more excited and not easily tired.

This is because ginger has a tonic that can prevent the body from getting tired easily.

The other pluses that you can get from ginger are treating gastritis, jaundice, digestive disorders, hepatitis, and high cholesterol.

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