Fats and their incorporation into a vegan diet

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Vegetable Fats Fact :

We often avoid consuming high-fat products. But we shouldn’t. 

Fat plays a particularly important role in helping the body function and its vitality. 

But it is important to know what are the most essential sources of the most effective fat for our bodies. 

What is fat and what is its importance?

Among carbohydrates and proteins, one of the most essential components of the body is fat. 

The role of fat is many, including helping to absorb vitamins in the body, it is used as the body’s main source of energy since fat contains a large amount of energy in relation to a unit of mass

In addition, fat tissue acts as an “insulation wrap” for the internal organs and serves as a kind of cushioning that protects them.

Fat in body function we have no doubt. 

But what are the most effective sources?

The most effective sources of fat:

Human sources are divided into 2.

Vegetable fats and Animal fats. 

Animal fat is mainly saturated and high in cholesterol. 

The biggest danger in consuming animal fat is the fact that saturated fat combined with cholesterol is the number one cause of devastating disease and mortality. 

Animal fat causes a significant increase in cholesterol, leading to heart disease, vascular disease, atherosclerosis and various cancers such as colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer. 

Vegetable fats, on the other hand, is unsaturated and cholesterol-free. 

It provides your body with its fat and cleaner and more efficient. 

Unsaturated and cholesterol-free fats can be found at:

  • Tehina
  • Avocado
  • olives
  • Nuts of various kinds
  • Almonds
  • Seeds
  • Vegetable oils – like olive oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, sesame oil, soybean oil and more.

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Combining fats in a vegan diet:

As mentioned earlier, incorporating Vegetable fats into the diet is especially important for the proper functioning of the body, maintaining it and even its appearance. 

The vegetable origin fat can be easily combined with any meal

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