Health Benefits of Acai Berries

For thousands of years the health benefits of the Acai berries where hidden to the world outside of the amazon rain forest.

The Acai berries grow wild in the amazon where the locals have being using for centuries.

They have thought the Acai berries cured their most feared diseases and used to help improve their health.

The Acai berries are high in protein and dietary fiber and includes a large amount of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids.

The omega acids help protect the heart and the cardiovascular system.

The Acai berries also are believed to help lower cholesterol.

It has lately been going around that the Acai berries are the new anti-aging super food and has even made an appearance on Opera.

The Acai berries have a high level of antioxidant vitamins from the fruit and a high level of anthocranins.

The Acai berries contain ten times more anthocranins than grapes and twice the amount of blueberries.

The anthocranins are the same ingredient that makes a glass of red wine a day helpful.

Of course the health benefits of the Acai berries is that they contain other helpful ingredients and does not have the negative affects of alcohol.

These anthocranins help boost the anti-aging affects of the berry.

So one might ask why as the acai berry been a mystery up to know, one of the major reasons is that its helpfulness lessens quickly after harvest.

The key to preserving the acai berries helpful nature is to immediately freeze the fruit after harvest and then transport it for use.

This is key to look for when purchase a product that includes the acai berry.

Once the acai berry is made into a concentrated drink it is able to hold up because of the other items in the drink.

Many stores now are starting to sell the acai berry in their raw form.

Both methods can be used effectively.

Also the acai berries are helpful on the digestive track that helps your body loss weight.

When your body is able digest correctly it breaks down food more effectively giving you more energy and allowing yourself to process food more effective.

The acai berries will help you in many ways.

While it is not a cure all that many wish it to be it is a safe and helpful additive to your diet.

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