How to Have Optimal Digestion?

Everyone in their lifetime will experience occasional constipation, and to some, it may be very severe.

This is a topic that needs much attention seeing that many become hooked on laxatives like candy.

I have been down that road myself and didn’t see much hope for perfect digestion.

I will show you everything you need to do to heal and recover your digestion for smooth effortless elimination.

Bad digestion comes from a mix of 4 variables:

1) not enough water.

2) junk food.

3) lack of exercise.

4) bad food combinations.

It doesn’t matter if you have candida overgrowth, IBS, or a diverticulitis.  

Whole foods heal and repair the damage done to intestinal walls.

Whole foods make it easier on your stomach to digest because the foods weren’t processed. 

Whole foods contain lots of fiber which give your stool bulk and live enzymes for metabolism and breakdown of nutrients.

Even if you are already vegan there maybe food that you eat that is causing complications.

Things like….

  • gluten
  • yeast
  • mushrooms
  • fermented foods
  • canned/packaged items
  • “natural” sweeteners
  • alcohol

These foods are acid forming when digested and cause many issues.

If you consume too many of these items it could lead to reflux and heartburn.

You need to always be hydrated so that your stool isn’t hard and a burden to eliminate. 

Make sure before every meal you drink a liter of water or more if you have been very active.

I suggest 3-5 liters of water everyday.

Another way to have digestive issues is improper food combining.

If you want to eat fruit in a meal, eat it before a cooked dish because there are different enzymes in the fruit then there is in the cooked food.

The piece of fruit is obviously going to metabolize faster, so if you eat it after it would rot in your gut and ferment.

Also, you shouldn’t mix acid fruits with the sweet fruit, they require different enzymes to digest and do so at different rates.

Exercise is a very important part in digestion too.

When you get your body moving it conditions the intestinal walls.

Our colon is a large muscle that contracts to make a bowel movement.

Just like any other muscle we can strengthen our intestines.

If you have severe constipation I suggest momentarily using other methods, because leaving petrified matter in your colon for prolonged periods of time will only make you sick.

Your intestines absorb more and more water from the fecal matter as it sits in your colon.

The best thing to do is get it out fast.

Food is meant to get in and get out after each meal.

Some things that you can do in an emergency is drink herbal “smooth move” tea and drink lots of purified water.

It is important not to consume anything except maybe grapefruit juice till you make a full elimination.

Grapefruit juice will help break up the hardened matter.

Also, do some yoga to get the movement going, I’ve found that to be helpful for me when I am having tough digestive issues.

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