How to Maintain Protein as a Vegetarian

Protein is an essential amino acid that is vital to maintain normal body functions especially important for vegans or vegetarians, as protein for vegetarians has been dilemma on how to achieve its normal daily intake.

Protein is important to maintain the body structure such as hair and muscles, as all of these basically consist of protein, though it varies in structure.

Amino acids, is important in our daily food requirements, although our body produces and supply a portion of our daily protein requirements, the other portion around 10% is taken from our daily food intake.

It can either be from meat, beans, nuts and other various sources.

However, this food menu is not ideal for vegetarians and the like.

There are other verdant and healthy sources that are suitable for a vegetarian; being one doesn’t mean you are depriving yourself of your needed protein requirement and from those yummy treat.

Here are some suggestions on food that contains high amount of protein for vegetarians.

1-Whole Grains

This food group contains high amount of protein and as well good for enhancing the digestion process.

The examples for this group are rice, oats, barley and quinoa.

But most commendable among this group is quinoa, as it contains all the necessary essential amino acids and regarded as a “complete protein”.

And the best part of this group is that it’s light on the budget and can be easily cooked.

2-Tofu and Other Soy-Based Products

Tofu and soy contains huge amount of protein and other nutrients such as iron and calcium.

And it can also be cooked in variety of ways and can add it as tops on your daily dishes.

3-Legumes and Peas

Legumes and peas are exceptional and affordable source of protein. 

And also comes in different forms and create variety of dishes by using kidney beans, black beans, and chicken peas.

Soy is also another type of bean.

4-Nuts and Seed.

This food group contains not only high amount of protein but also folic acid.

Which is good for the nervous system in our body.

But the only drawback in this food group is that it also contains high levels of fat, so it is best to take it in moderation and not to make it as your main source of protein in your diet.


All vegetables contains essential amino acids that is sufficient for the body and even sometimes surpasses the needed daily requirement.

An example for this group is broccoli.

And you can make delicious and delectable recipes from this group such burger patties.

You can incorporate you favourite vegetable by dicing to small pieces and mix it up with a meat substitute like tofu or seitan.

Through this not only you can eat yummy treat but also keep up with your diet regimen.


Eggs contains high amount of albumin, a protein vitally needed by the body to maintain the water requirements of the body.

It also contains other nutrient such Vitamins A, D and B12, making it an optimum source of protein.

Protein for vegetarians is very important, as protein plays a substantial role in keeping our normal bodily functions.

Being aware of the daily needed intake would make us more vigilant in what we eat as the lacks of it may cause deficiencies like Kwashiorkor to occur and when in excess may cause kidney malfunctions.