When harvest is coming and the fruit stock is in abundance, people usually dry the fruit.

Drying the fruit is done through removing the amount of water.

The conventional way of drying the fruit is by leaving the fruits dry naturally under the sun’s heat.

Nowadays, you can often find the dried fruits when you go to the grocery stores or supermarkets.

The most popular dried fruits sold are raisins and dates.

These forms of dried fruits are produced and distributed worldwide.

Other fruits can also be consumed in the dry forms such as dried kiwis, berries, apples, pineapples, mangoes, and papayas.

The fruits can be dried in whole, halves or slices. Dried fruit is perfect to be eaten right away.

It is also good to add it to our cereal, cake, juice, or pudding.

It enables you to have delicious and delightful snacking without worrying about your waistline.

How to Dry Fruits

Before the drying process, the fruits can be cut in half, sliced, or diced.

Fruits like grape, berries, apricot, plum can be dried in whole.

Mango, papaya, kiwi are dried in half or sliced size.

Fruits that are good to be diced before being dried are banana and pineapple.

The Sun drying process requires constant sun’s heat.

First, wash the fruits thoroughly to eliminate dirts or pesticide residues.

After the washing process, you can cut the fruit in half, slice it, or dice it if you like.

Arrange them on a tray and put the true on open space where they can get direct sun light.

The modern technique of fruit drying process is infusion technique.

The fruits are infused with sugar and air-dried to eliminate the amount of water.

This technique can preserve the natural sweet flavor of the fruit.

Thus, it does not require sulfur-dioxide to help the drying process.

If we want to freeze dry fruit, it means that we will take two kinds of fruit preservation technique.

We need to follow the suggested procedure of the process.

How to Freeze Dried Fruits at Home

If you want to keep the dried fruit longer, you can freeze it in the fridge. Leaving dried fruit out in open space may moisten the surface.

Moisturizes surface causes bacteria, mold, and yeast live on the surface and decay the dried fruit.

It is practical because you can thaw it whenever you like.

Make sure that you check the dried fruits before freezing.

Dispose the mold or slimy dried fruits. Since it has been preserved through the drying process, freezing process does not require long and complicated steps.

The things you need are freezer bags, freezer labels, and freezer containers.

First, remove the dried fruits from the packaging.

If you make your own dried fruits, make sure that they are completely cooled.

Then, separate the fruit into individual serving sizes. Put each serving in separate freezer bags.

Squeeze the freezer bag before sealing it to remove as much air as possible.

Give a label to each bag to indicate the kinds of fruit and the date.

After that, keep it in a vapor-proof and moisture-proof container. You can use special freezer container.

Finally, you can store it in the freezer.

Set the temperature at no higher than 0 F. The dried fruits can last up to 12 months.

If you want to eat it, take as much as you need.

The second defrosting and refreezing will damage the texture and the flavor.

The amount of water in the fruit cell form ice crystal inside it.

When it is thawed, the dried fruit loses its’ texture.

Thawing can be done in the room temperature or oven.

Modern Freeze Dried Fruit Process

Into the manufacturing, the dried fruits go through the freezing process.

The freezing process uses dry ice and methanol.

Then the fruit will be heated to let the water sublime.

In this process, 95% of the water sublimes.

To fasten the process, sublimation vacuum is used.

The second drying process is done to remove the unfrozen water from the fruits.

Dried Fruits Nutrition Facts

Freezing the dried fruits maintains the flavor, nutrition, size. Only 97% of the water disappears.

You can get the mineral, fiber, and antioxidant. Though being eaten in dried form, dried fruits supply rich vitamins and minerals necessary for our health.

The proper freezing-dried fruits method keeps the nutrition in dried fruits.

However, the amount of water soluble vitamin such as vitamin C decreases.

Dried fruits produced by the manufacturer contain added sugar, so you need to pay attention to the sugar consumption, unless you raise your blood sugar level.

People love to eat dried fruits.

Dried fruit is perfect to be eaten right away. It is also good to add it to our cereal, cake, juice, or pudding to add the nutrition.

To have a longer storage life, you can freeze it at home by following the simple steps.

So, you probably know how to freeze dried fruit!

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