Simple 1200 Calorie Diabetic Diet

The 1200 calorie diabetic diet gives you calories of not more than 1200 per day, and it is a good thing for people suffering from diabetes to control their blood sugar levels and weight.

The 1200 calorie diet ensures that proteins, carbohydrates and fats are included in your meals in the correct proportions.

For people suffering from diabetes, weight loss is a necessary unbalancing act while the control of blood sugar levels is a balancing act, meaning that the amount of calories consumed by you need to be unbalanced with the amount of calories burnt during exercise.

With the 1200 calorie diabetic diet, if your choice is to lose 1 pound a week, the “calorie scales” should be unbalanced everyday by 500 calories.

You can do this by increasing the exercise to 500 more calories or reducing your daily intake of 500 calories.

Another way is to reduce your intake by 250 calories and increase burnt calories by 250.

Therefore, the important thing is the difference in calories and not really the total calories.

Hence, a 1200 calorie diabetic diet may not be for everybody; everything is based on the energy needed by your body.

For a good 1200 calorie diabetic diet, these are some ideas on what you may include:


For your breakfast, there are many things you could include.

For example, a muffin combined with fruit, skimmed milk and a cup of cereals should give you a perfect breakfast meal.

You are not necessarily bound by the same thing everyday.

An important thing is sticking to the calorie count.

The entire meal plan and the food combination are completely flexible depending on the person following the diet.

You may replace cereals with the foods of the same group, for instance, bread.

You may also replace muffins with fruits and cheese.

Having different variations will help you to keep to the 1200 calorie diabetic diet, and the variations can help you in maintaining the momentum.

2-Lunch and dinner

The same things mentioned concerning breakfast diet apply here.

You can have different variations as long as your calorie count for the entire day is not more than 1200.

The normal lunch for a 1200 calorie diet is the combination of almost any vegetables and fruit, including grains.

Some of the vegetables choices to consider are tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce.

If you are interested in a lighter option, a light-dressing salad should be enough.

You may also consider vegan yogurt or a piece or two of fruit.

For something to drink, unsweetened coffee may serve you well.

Some people choose vegetables and rice dish, and the calorie count is enough.

Another option is diet soda, though you need to plan the meal variation carefully.

For your dinner, you may consider vegetables, cereals and bread.

1200 calorie diabetic diet is good because it limits proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in order to have only 1200 calories everyday.

If used correctly, the diet can help in weight loss and the control of blood sugar levels.

A dietician can really help in this case because many people are short of food ideas and are likely to be discouraged after some weeks.

For best results, instead of processed and refined foods, always go for fresh foods, and plenty of water will also help you to get rid of toxins from your body.