Garlic salad dressing is a traditional taste to crunch in the salad bowl.

When we consider the good effects that garlic could offer, we will want to add garlic in every dish we make.

And, the good thing is that there exist many recipes wherein garlic may be included.

Let us discuss first the health benefits that garlic has to offer.

Medically proven, garlic possesses a myriad of nutrients that ward off sicknesses.

It is packed with vitamins B6 and C7 and selenium, when in combination with allicin which is a primary component of garlic, helps control weight.

Infusing a clove of garlic to your daily meals will reduce the risk of hypertension and lower cholesterol levels.

Aside from that, it is also a natural antibiotic which can eradicate 27 kinds of pathogens which include staph, bacteria, viruses and fungus which include albicans, the main responsible for yeast infections.

Even those bacteria responsible for tuberculosis are knocked off by garlic.

Garlic is also an excellent help for improving cardiovascular functions and reduces inflammation caused by arthritis.

There are a few foods which may be included to your meals which may render a number of benefits.

When raw, sliced thinly, crushed or mined, organic garlic is in its most effective form.

In these methods, allicin is best released in good quantities.

On the other hand, heating may cause a loss in the amount of allicin.

For the salad recipe, here is a basic presentation.

As you may know, there are thousands of available recipes.

But what I presented here is the basic one.

This dressing makes about one cup but can be increased by proper proportions.

You’ll need the following ingredients.

1. 2/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

2. 1/3 cup red wine vinegar

3. 2 teaspoons fresh minced garlic

4. a dash of Dijon mustard (optional, but adds flavor)

5. salt and pepper to taste

These are the simple ingredients for the basic garlic salad dressing.

It will be more healthful and tastier if you try to add fresh herbs like rosemary, parsley, basil and oregano which jive well with the taste of garlic.

Let us start to healthier and brighter us!

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