The Benefits of Srikaya Fruit for our Health

Here’s 10 Benefits of Srikaya Fruit for Human Health:

1. Lowers High Cholesterol

Srikaya which has enough niacin content so that the citron fruit can reduce cholesterol levels for cholesterol sufferers.

Regular consumption of this fruit will help reduce cholesterol levels in the human body.

2. Very good for digestion

Srikaya fruit contains high fiber, the content makes srikaya good for consumption for constipation sufferers because the fiber will be able to facilitate our digestion.

3. Good for people with diabetes

In addition to facilitating digestion, the fiber contained in srikaya can slow the rate of absorption of blood sugar in the human body so as to prevent us from diabetes.

4. Srikaya as a medicine for diarrhea

The young srikaya fruit is able to treat diarrhea, the content of various vitamins and minerals contained in the srikaya fruit is very effective to help cure diarrhea.

5. Prevent Asthma

With the content of vitamin C that srikaya has, of course this can make srikaya a deterrent to several diseases, such as asthma.

This is because vitamin C is one type of antioxidant.

6. Lowers Hypertension

The potassium content in srikaya will play a role in lowering blood pressure in the human body.

Regular consumption of srikaya fruit is very effective to help reduce high blood pressure.

7. Preventing Heart and Stroke

Srikaya fruit contains vitamin B so that it can prevent the development of homocysteine, where large amounts of homocysteine ​​can cause stroke and coronary heart disease.

8. Maintain healthy bones and teeth

Srikaya fruit also contains magnesium.

So that the magnesium we get from srikaya is able to help maintain bone density.

9. Good for Pregnant Women

Benefits of srikaya fruit for pregnant women.

Srikaya fruit contains high enough folic acid, which is a very important vitamin for pregnant women.

Breastfeeding mothers are also advised to regularly consume srikaya fruit because it can increase milk production.

10. Improve Eye Health

Srikaya is a rich source of vitamin C and riboflavin which can help in preventing certain eye problems, such as macular degeneration, poor vision, night blindness, and maintaining good vision.

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