People with diabetics should consume fruits and vegetables to keep their body healthy.

They also need nutritions from fruits and vegetables to support their body condition.

However, as people with diabetics should control their eating habit, they should be careful in picking fruits and vegetables they want to consume.

Fruits and vegetables are very good for health.

But, not all fruits and vegetables can be consumed by people with diabetics.

They even bring harmful effect for the body.

The key to manage the consumption, they can categorize them into starchy and nonstarchy fruits and vegetables.

Starchy food including vegetables have more calories and carbohydrate.

One harmful result they bring is the significant raise of blood sugar level.

Therefore, diabetic people should limit the consumption.

People with diabetics can consume nonstarchy fruits and vegetables.

These foods are very safe to consume.

They contain less calories.

The carbohydrates level is very low too.

Therefore, consuming nonstarchy vegetables do not bring serious impact on blood sugar level.

And here are several references of fruits and vegetables that can be consumed by diabetic people.

They even bring good effect for the body.



Broccoli is included in the category of nonstarchy vegetable.

There is no need to worry adding broccoli in your diet menu for diabetics.

Many people who have diabetics prefer to consume broccoli to add nutrition in their diet.

This healthy vegetable has low calories and high antioxidant.

It is also a rich source of vitamin C and vitamin A.

Center for Science in the Public Interest even states that broccoli contains a considerable amount of beta carotene and folic acid.

Broccoli is also rich of sulforaphane.

Sulforaphane works to activate useful enzyme in the body which help prevent oxidation.

Oxidation in the body itself can lead to harmful diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Consuming broccoli is an easy thing to do. You can steam it and have it as a side dish.

It is easy to find in every markets and groceries all year round.



People with diabetics usually have high blood pressure.

To help lower blood pressure, mango will be a good helper.

Mango is a good source of potassium.

As we know that potassium works to lower blood pressure.

Mango fruit also provides necessary nutritions for you such as vitamin C and vitamin A.

But, you need to limit the consumption of mango since it contains high carbohydrates.

It may raise your blood sugar level.

National Institute of Diabetics and Digestive and Kidney Disorders suggests you to have two cups of mango as the maximum of portion you can eat per day.

3-Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes

People with diabetics need to consume starchy vegetable too.

It helps them get energy to do their activities.

But of course, they need to choose starchy vegetable which should be considered safe.

Sweet potato is good starchy vegetable for you.

It gives you the benefit of vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium.

Sweet potato is also a good source of necessary fiber.

But since it is starchy food, you should consume it wisely, unless you will raise your blood sugar level.

In each serving of sweet potato, you are allowed to have 4 ounces or ½ cup only.



Watermelon tastes sweet, but who knows that behind the sweet taste, watermelon keeps many benefits for people with diabetics.

Based on a study, watermelon is believed to have high glycemix index.

This is necessary to help people with diabetics keep the blood under control.

Adding the benefit, watermelon also contains a considerable amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium.

It is also low in calories. So, you can add watermelon to your diet.

As the suggested consumption, you can have 1 ¼ cup of watermelon in each serving.

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Legumes or beans are healthy and included in best vegetable for diabetics.

Beans have a considerable amount of soluble fiber which is effective to slow the process of carbohydrate entering the bloodstream.

Therefore, consuming legumes will help you manage your blood sugar level.



The finding of okra’s benefit for diabetic people made this leafy green vegetable became one of the best vegetables for diabetics.

Consuming okra helps you reduce the risk of having kidney problem as one health problem caused by diabetics.

Those are several best fruits and vegetables for diabetics people.

If you regularly consume those kinds of food, you can keep your health in its very best condition.

And the most important thing is you can keep your blood sugar level at bay.

If you often have difficulty managing and controlling your blood sugar level, you can start to change it by consuming those healthy and safe foods, they even have useful agents to help you keep your condition.

Hopefully, this can be the reference for you to arrange your diet plan.

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