We get a lot of questions concerning Greek yogurt nutrition facts and attempt to answer them in this article.

Have you ever wondered why Greek yogurt has a thicker consistency?

This is due to extra straining process which drains out much of the liquid whey.

Because of this extensive process, it is lower in sugar because lactose, the milk sugar, is removed with the whey.

But be prepared to pay much more for this process, even though you’ll end up with a yogurt that’s packed with protein and full of enzymes which will help you digest it even better.

While reading this article about Greek yogurt nutrition facts, always keep in mind that Greek yogurt comes in 3 varieties, whole, low-fat and non-fat, each which has its own particular nutritional properties.

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Protein, Fat, And All That Jazz

The big catch-line for this yogurt lies in its very high protein content and the fact that non-fat versions are also free of cholesterol.

Dietitians also praise it as an excellent source of various B vitamins, phosphorus, potassium and calcium.

This makes it essential for the skeletal and digestive system.

We are all aware that yogurts are good for the digestive tract for the good bacteria they contain and all varieties of Greek yogurt also contain probiotics, or live bacterial cultures, which may promote digestive health.

Greek yogurt is still very rich in protein and in minerals which are important for healing, building and maintaining healthy teeth and bones.

However, on the downside, one serving of low fat vanilla frozen yogurt can have as much as 5 grams of fat, of which more than half are saturated fat and zero grams trans fats.

So, it would probably be best to make your own Greek frozen yogurt using non-fat yogurt, if reducing the amount of saturated fats in your diet is important to you.

Check out the Benefits of Greek Yogurt

The Healthier Yogurt Revealed

Greek yogurt is a healthier version of regular yogurt and has become the ‘coolest’ yogurt to hit the market, as American manufacturers expand their manufacturing plants to meet the incredible demand.

It is also lower in carbohydrates than American-style yogurt and has about 50 percent more protein than since more milk is used to make it.

Greek yogurt is available in numerous flavors such as strawberry, honey, and peach, however the nutritional content of the whole product changes dramatically when you buy a flavored version due to the added sugars.

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Many people will be pleased to know that plain Greek yogurt is a natural product with no added preservatives or stabilizers.

Many consumers today rightfully expect their products to be as natural as possible and, fortunately, Greek yogurt doesn’t require the addition of such harmful substances.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg, as the nutritional value of this healthy food has been known and prized for centuries.

In many cases a simple analysis of Greek Yogurt’s nutrition facts show that it can be considered a complete healthy snack that can curb hunger and give you an energy boost instantly.

Here are a few dry Greek yogurt nutrition facts:

A pack of plain non-fat yogurt is made of 3-4% of sodium, 20+ grams of proteins, 200+ milligrams of calcium and 300+ milligrams of potassium.

Let’s not forget that it is as rich in probiotics as it is in vital minerals and vitamins and essential fatty acids.

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