For decades, vitamins and supplements were all the same… hard, dense, and difficult to swallow pills.

Over the past few years, a number of advancements have been made in the field which reportedly offer increased absorption.

One of the most popular is the vitamin B12 patch.

Read this B12 patch review to find out what you need to know…

Why the vitamin B12 patch?

For many people that have a B12 deficiency, the problem is not that they’re not consuming enough B12 in their food, but rather that their bodies are having trouble properly metabolizing it.

In turn, a number of alternative delivery methods have been concocted to help us with absorption.

There are liquid versions, but some question whether or not a unhealthy or abnormal digestive system will process it properly.

One of the great things about the vitamin B12 patch is that it’s applied directly to the skin, and hence, it can be absorbed without having to run its course through your digestive tract.

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Does the B12 patch work?

All you have to do is look towards other areas of modern medicine to see that this is a good technique.

For example, smokers have been using them to help them kick the habit for years.

There are also a wide array of other medicines which have been administered through patches.

This approach is especially common when treating the elderly, who are more likely to have absorption difficulties.

How much does the B12 patch cost?

Fortunately since this method of delivery has been around for a few decades and mass produced, it’s now possible to get it at an affordable price.

Of course the vitamin B12 patch is a newer invention, but the technology behind it isn’t… so that means the prices should be rather reasonable.

The other great thing about the patch method is that since it has been around for so long, scientists have had plenty of time to perfect it.

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Where to buy B12 patch?

This is question I have been asked multiple times.

Unfortunately, because this is such a specialty item, there are many physical stores that carry it.

I’ve never seen it at a store, but if you do see it, I bet they will price gouge you since its such a rarity.

This is why I buy my supplements through the internet and mailorder.

That way you can get exactly what you want (like the vitamin B12 patch) and still pay a great price for it.

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