What are the Most Common Sugar Substitutes?

When choosing the best sugar substitutes an objective comparison of the different ones available is a must.

There are many kinds of sugar substitute products on the market, and without researching them it can be hard to know what is best for you.

While your doctor or dietitian can help you with this matter independent research can be helpful also.


Saccharine is one of the oldest sugar substitutes, known by the brand name of Sweet N Low.

Controversy arose when saccharine was linked to cancer in laboratory rats.

Today, many people have substituted aspartame, with the most popular brand being Nutra Sweet.

Aspartame is best for sweetening beverages and not recommended for baking.


Ace-K, or Acesulfame-K is yet another sugar substitute that is actually more sweet than sugar.

It can be used in baking, but it should be used moderately as it has two hundred times the sweetness of real sugar.


Another popular substitute with a long name is Cyclamate.

Weight Watchers uses this under the name Sugar Twin. It can be used for baking and sweetening beverages.

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Yet another sugar substitute that is quite popular is called Splenda.

Spenda is made from sucralose which is derived from real sugar.

If baking, use this brand rather than a generic brand because the measurements are identical.

Sucralose is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar so precise measurements are important.

Splenda is available in any supermarket and comes in yellow packages.

The best sugar substitute for you is one that tastes good, does not cause health problems and is recommended by your medical professional.

You should know that as sucralose and even natural sweeteners like stevia gain popularity less people are choosing aspartame and saccharine.

Whether or not to use a sugar substitute at all is a matter of personal choice and something that relates to your individual health and any conditions you may have.

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