What Is Kratom : Uses & Benefits

As Kratom has started gaining popularity, it has made a lot of people wonder about what it is.

You hear people talking about this herb on numerous forums and they are all raving about the health benefits it has to offer.

Kratom is a tropical, evergreen tree that is native to Southeast Asia and is often referred by its scientific name ‘MitragynaSpeciosa’.

Interestingly, this plant belongs to the Rubiaceae family, which also provides us with coffee.

Research has revealed that the Kratom and coffee plant have a lot of factors in common.

Nevertheless, Kratom has primarily become famous for providing a world of medicinal advantages to users.

These magical effects range from providing pain relief and strengthening the immune system to reducing depression, anxiety and stress.

Even those who are going through the opiate withdrawal process will find this herb to be immensely useful. 

Kratom is available in a wide array of strains such as green, white and red and these strains are set apart due to their powerful properties.

The different varieties and strains are often used by people for countering a plethora of health issues like chronic pain, insomnia and can also boost the mental processing abilities and energy levels of a person.

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How can Kratom do this?

Kratom comprises of various powerful alkaloids that have enabled the herb to work its magic and the levels of these ingredients differ according to the Kratom strain being used.

Previously, the plant was only used extensive in the Southeast Asian regions because of its properties that allowed it to be more medicinally beneficial than other herbs, both physically and chemically.

But, now the use of the plant has spread to the Western world as well.

It is widely used in Europe and has also been legalized in different areas of the United States because the unusual nature of the plant has had a positive impact.

While other herbs with high alkaloid levels don’t grow that much, Kratom plants can actually grow to be about 30 feet tall and 15 feet wide.

The leaves of the tree are where its medicinal benefits lie and they can grow to a length of seven inches and are typically four to five inches wide.

They contain about 40 different alkaloids, which include Mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, Epicatechin, Corynantheidine, Isomitraphylline, Pantetheine, Isorhynchophylline and Isopteropodine.

These alkaloids play the role of analgesics that can provide relaxation and calm your system down along with stimulating the immune system.

Every single alkaloid is unique and has the capability of offering various benefits to its users.

However, people should be very careful when purchasing Kratom online because not all of them are authentic.

The only way you can reap the advantages associated with this herbal remedy is if you can get high quality Kratom.

Therefore, you should do your research, go over the customer reviews and then do the purchasing to ensure you are not being scammed.

Also, be mindful of the dosage you are taking because it varies according to the results you want.

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