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Tofu – World and Full

The soy is a magic touch with a magic touch. Soy milk forms the tofu, and tofu is a raw material without boundaries. It looks like cheese, but it tastes completely neutral. It absorbs flavors perfectly and thanks to that, it can be incorporated into any meal.

There is no end to the foods that can be prepared with tofu. Tofu is made of certain and is mainly starred in vegetarian and vegan cuisine as it is an excellent substitute for animal products.

Nutritional values:

Tofu is wonderful in its values. It is used as a complete protein containing all the necessary amino acids in the body and is better absorbed in the body than any other protein source. The tofu is rich in calcium, much more than cow’s milk for example. (Calcium calcium is less well absorbed in the body). And many studies have linked soy-rich diets to higher bone density, and the relief of menopausal symptoms in women. The soy is rich in iron, folic acid, magnesium and fiber.

Common uses of tofu:

As they say, the tofu originates from the soy that belongs to the legume family. The tofu comes as a cube, diced or spread and is very easy to process. Its neutral taste and aroma absorbs spices and flavors perfectly and its texture varies according to the cooking method.

Recipes that combine tofu:

As mentioned, the tofu may perfectly substitute animal products and it supplements fine flavors and can therefore be incorporated into any recipe.

Excellent recipes with tofu:

Stuffed, tofu patties, lentil and tofu salad, tofu chives, sautéed vegetables with tofu, potato pie and tofu and more.

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