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12 Things You Need To Know Before Going Vegan

Today I wanted to talk about the 12 things you need to know before “going vegan”.  

There are many things to be aware of if you want to successfully move towards a vegan lifestyle.  

I don’t say diet because I feel it really is a whole life style not a diet.  

Becoming vegan or raw will change how you eat, how you think about food, where it comes from and how what you are eating effects the world around you. 

1.  The first point to look at is letting go of getting your calcium from animal products.

A lot of people mistakenly think that you can only get calcium from animals.  

There are many ways to get calcium that are not animal based.  

You can substitute these easily, especially if you eat lots of greens – spinach, broccoli, kale are all good ones.  

Seaweed and especially sea coral are excellent sources or calcium.

You can find sea coral as a supplement and it is easily absorbed.

2.  The second point is where do you get your vitamin B12?  

People who are not as educated in vegan options feel this is the biggest problem on a vegan diet.  

If you are in doubt please get tested and use a supplement.  

It is better to be more safe than sorry.

There are many natural ways to get it : for example nutritional yeast, spirulina, barley grass and all other seaweeds.  

These are all high in vitamin B12.  

It is not only how much you consume but how well you are able to absorb it.  

There are many different factors that you need to look at and consider when determining if you are getting enough in your diet. 

3.  Iron is the third factor to consider.  

You can get your iron from spirulina, seaweeds, lentils, quinoa and spinach.  

These are all excellent sources of iron.  

Knowing where your nutrients are coming from is an important part of the 12 things to know before becoming vegan.

4.  Protein is the next thing that people wonder about.

 There are many different ways to get it but it is not only how much protein a source contains but how much can you absorb.  

Hemp seeds have the perfect ratio between the omega 3,6 and 9’s.

Lentils, tempeh, spirulina, green juices are good sources.  

Fresh greens are so rich in protein. Seaweeds and dark green veggies are so good for everything.  

They are abundant as well – you don’t have to harm or kill other living beings to provide well, from a nutritional point of view.  

5.  The next point is that it doesn’t have to cost more to be vegan.  

If you do it right you can live cheaper and more environmentally friendly and healthier as a vegan.

Many people don’t realize how much they are actually spending on junk food and things that are packaged as food but have no real nutrients.  

You will also be healthier and miss less work when you consume healthy, nutritional foods.  

6.  You can still go to your favorite restaurant.  Almost every restaurant offers a vegetarian option on their menu.  

You can still enjoy going out with your family and friends and be vegan.  

You do not have to stop going out with others or to places you love.

7.  You will feel happier because you are not killing and harming other beings to eat.  

It is more spiritual way of being and clean for your soul.  

You will feel more at peace with the world around you.  

This feeling is something that many people don’t realize is something you often discover as you become a vegan.

8.  You need to be sure to not neglect and deny yourself – you can still eat the foods you love.  

There are endless vegan options for the foods you love – you just have to find them and make a little more effort.

Vegans have chocolate cake, cookies, pasta, chips – you name it and their is a healthy, vegan alternative for it.  

If you deny yourself you will become unhappy and dissatisfied and go back to your previous way of eating. 

9.  Be prepared to read food labels.  This is really important.  

You have to be willing to put more effort into looking at what you are putting into your mouth.  

It is worth it because you can eat knowing the food you are eating is healthy, natural and animal free.  

10.  Don’t try to completely switch how you eat all at once.  

It will be easier to make a gradual and slow transition.  

You don’t even have to become 100% vegan or raw.  

Even just consuming a little less animal products could be enough for you.  

Make little improvements from where ever you are now.  

There is no right or wrong way to be, it’s about what works for you and allows you to feel healthy, energetic and happy.

11.  Don’t replace animal food for junk food.  

There is so much junk around.  

It is not so much about being vegan.  It is about being conscious, eating organic and aware of what you are eating and how you are feeling. 

12. Be prepared for your family questioning your decision.  

All the people around you who are still eating meat will not like what you are doing.

They will often question you or try to discourage you from changing.

Be prepared for this and it will be easier for you to stick with your goals.

These are my tips for you.  

I hope this makes switching a little easier for you.   I will be back with more inspiration in the new year.

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