3 Reasons To Eat High Carb Raw Vegan

Here are 3 reasons why you have to eat high carb raw vegan:

1-More Energy

It is probably not fair to even just say more energy…it is more like LOTS of it!

When eating high carb raw vegan, you will actually enjoy working out and will see faster results because you have the energy to do it!

You will not be dragging through the day and will have so much energy you won’t know what to do with it!

The main reason for achieving so much energy is that you are freeing up your digestion.

All the food you are currently eating (unless you already practice this diet) are foods you are not physically designed to eat.

Your system is constantly try to protect itself from the toxins as well as digest it as best possible.

This depletes your energy level greatly.

Eating the food you are made to eat release it again!

2-Reaching the Ideal Weight and body

Most high carb raw vegans agree that the current weight charts in America are actually messed up and the higher up level of what is considered normal and healthy is actually not.

However, weight charts are useless to begin with because they are approximating the amount of muscle and so for someone with a lot of a little muscle the chart does not apply.

That means that a body builder would be considered obese on the chart when his fat level is quite low, and a skinny person could be considered healthy when they have way to much fat. 

The reason one achieves their ideal weight on this diet is because it is very hard to overeat on this diet and pretty much impossible.

There are no fat or obese high carb raw vegans who are a hundred percent and long term.

Another reason is because your body is so lacking of nutrients (even you are overweight!) that your body thinks it is starving and holds on to the fat.

It also holds bloats up greatly (LOTS of water weight) in order to protect itself from toxins.

That is why one bloats up after eating salt, garlic, and grains.

Another reason is you will have so much energy you will make big improvements in fitness and so your body will look like it has too!

Lastly, fruit calories are very different from cooked food calories.

Many report being able to eat extra 100s of calories for years till their body has enough nutrients and adjust to a lower amount (do not worry your appetite will lower too).

3-No allergies, sickness, and more!

High carb raw vegans do not suffer from allergies, colds, flus, and more.

That is because the main cause of many diseases and sickness (including cancer and diabetes!) is related to our poor diet.

Why does one person eat terrible and have nothing happen to them?

I highly doubt NOTHING happens to them, but the fact is that they are reacting differently to poor diet than you.

That element is because of genetics and of course small changes in diet and environment.

Think of it this way…how does a light in a room go on?

Someone has to turn the correct switch.

If you turn the wrong one, a different light will go on or maybe your garbage disposal!

Every person has switches in their body too and the food is the person that turns the switches.

Does every room in the world have a switch in the same place?

No, and neither do people. Some people’s switches are harder to reach than others and have them in different order.

Some people get acne from their pizza and some people get indigestion!

We can not change our “switches” but we can choose to never turn them on.

When one eats a high carb raw vegan diet, they make it almost impossible for these switches to be turn on because they are not exposing their body to these toxins.

The body then does not have to get rid of it other than the going to the bathroom.

If the body is exposed to toxins, they it will develop detox symptoms to get rid of it.

The most common symptoms are runny nose, sneezing, and other cold and flu like symptoms.

Colds and flus are the body trying to heal itself.

What else will be cured?

There are MANY things than can be cured!

The body has many ways to rid itself of toxins.

The areas they can come from are skin, mouth, digestive track, nose, and even eyes.

Your acne is your body trying to get rid of toxins out of the skin!

Even eating garlic and smelling like it has to do with detox!

Those who are high carb raw vegan long term do not smell even when they sweat!

Greasy hair, bad breath, poor digestion and IBM, running and sneezy noses, sour throats, watering eyes, and more are all detox.

The biggest causes of disease and health problems are too much mucus and poor digestion.

Our body can not work properly because it is focusing on helping us to digest these foods that are not meant to go into our body on a regular basis or ever!

Our bodies are just like cars…some features don’t work unless you get the engine going and the engine can’t get going without the right fuel!

We are lucky that our bodies can run at all on the incorrect fuel but they do not run well.

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