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5 Reasons To Drink A Vegan Green Smoothie

Not everyone gets excited at the thought of drinking a green smoothie.

Yet there are many great reasons to reach for one of these drinks every day.

If you are still on the fence about drinking your vegetables, here are 5 reasons you should make the jump towards vegan green smoothie every day.

5 Reasons To Drink A Vegan Green Smoothie

Get fresh produce in your diet

The average diet today consists of a lot of boxed and packaged foods.

Even vegetables are more likely to come from a can than the garden.

Drinking vegan smoothies, however, is a great way to get plenty of fresh foods in your diet.

The fresher the food, the more nutritious it is.

A pure source of vitamins and minerals 

How many people take vitamin pills each day to make up for what they lack?

And of that, not everything in those pills will be absorbed into the body.

Drinking green smoothie means you are getting everything your body needs, in a delicious drink rather than a huge pill.

It’s the easy way to be healthy!


It’s a big word that we hear tossed around a lot today, but exactly are antioxidants?

They are those special vitamins and minerals in food that helps clear out the toxins that build up in our bodies.

Vitamins E and C, Beta-Carotene, selenium, and more gather up the harmful toxins we absorb and helps filter them out our digestive track.

And the best source of antioxidants? Fresh fruits and vegetables, of course!


Most people probably do not have a clue what the pH of their body is.

Many probably do not even know how important it is.

The problem is, eating meat raising the acid levels in your body significantly.

And higher acid levels leads to decreased health.

Plants, especially raw plants, work to lower that acid level down to an acceptable range.

Increased sex drive 

OK, let’s get personal here.

When we’re unhealthy and feeling sluggish, sex is the last thing on our minds.

Many green smoothie drinkers swear by the claim that drinking smoothies every day not only makes them feel more energized and alert during the day, but that good feelings lasts well into the night also.

Consider it your secret powerhouse in a glass.

Are you still uncertain about getting on the vegan green smoothie bandwagon?

The only way to really know if they will work for you is to just try it!

Add one green smoothie to your diet each day and see how you feel.

If, after a few weeks you feel great, add more. You never know how you’ll feel unless you try!

Not sure where to begin? Check out some of the great recipes listed here.

Or check out the books I have selected on the side. Go green and get healthy!

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