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6 Tips To Go Vegan and Improve Your Diet

In one of the Oprah Show’s episode, Oprah and her 378 meat and dairy workers took on the challenge of eating a pure vegetarian diet for a week .

Most members of the group have always adhered to the “rules” and did not eat meat, dairy products or animal by-products, completed the task, and in the process collectively lost 444 pounds.

You may like to eat leaner and cleaner.

But becoming a comprehensive vegetarian is not easy.

Jesse Minor, a vegan private chef in San Francisco, suggested a gradual approach.

Minor said that gradually adopting some healthy vegetarian habits (rather than clearing your kitchen all at once) may be the best way to improve your diet.

Some of his clients in their 40s and 50s are vegan because of health issues such as diabetes and high cholesterol, or to stay healthy, or to switch to improve their diet.

Whether you want to improve your diet or adjust it a little bit, here are six tips to make your life vegan.

1. Don’t be fooled by low prices

Many items in the grocery store are cheap but harmful to you.

This is because many of them are heavily processed and contain ingredients that you can’t even read.

These ingredients may be bad for your body.

Minor said that if you buy carefully, you can still keep costs low.

“The lower the level of food processing, the cheaper it is,” he said.

“Buy fresh vegetables and come back and cut them yourself. Choosing fresh rather than packaged foods is cheaper and better for us in the long run.”

2. Environmental protection

This is easy. You just need to be able to find and use the ingredients sold in your local store.

Adding just one or two salads (preferably more than this, but there must be a start) to your diet can make a big difference.

If your concept of salad is a boring bowl of lettuce, check out these delicious salad recipes on the our website.

3. Consider the taste of the food

Enjoyment of food comes not only from taste, but also from taste and density.

You don’t have to give up cheesy cheeses like pizza or pasta, because vegan cheese also provides a similar taste, but without the fat in milk.

For those who love cheese and macaroni, you can find a vegan version in the link below.

Want to eat meat?

Add vegetarian sausages (Like Tofurky brand) to your favorite tomato sauce and pasta can serve a good meal without the saturated fat found in beef.

You can also replace the delicate meat with brown mushrooms. The brown mushroom is both delicious and meaty.

4. Try some forgotten proteins

Tofu, chickpeas, lentils, quinoa (whole grain, which is as quick and easy to make as white rice) and nuts are all good sources of protein.

In addition, they are easily full and rich in fiber.

If you add condiments, the taste is easily affected by these foods.

5. Remember: not only vegans can eat brown rice

Change from eating white rice to brown rice.

Brown rice tastes a bit different, but brown rice can help you match the food on the plate.

In addition, the fiber in brown rice keeps our gastrointestinal motility on time.

6. A Better Way to Meet Sweet Addiction

For people with sugar addiction, Minor recommends eating fruit, dark chocolate (mostly vegan), sherbet, and milk less (usually soy) ice cream.

These are available in grocery stores.

Minor recommends giving yourself at least one month to veganize your diet.

He said that a week (like Oprah’s challenge) did not have enough time to develop good habits and routines.

“If you’re used to eating very salty and sweet foods, your taste buds will struggle,” he said.

In the beginning, things may not feel so delicious.

Your system may also need to adapt to process additional fibers.

Los Angeles resident Nancy Henriksen is slowly choosing to eat more vegetarian food.

Her high cholesterol, mainly from dairy products, was what prompted her to change.

Henriksen’s adjustments consisted of replacing milk with soy milk or rice milk and drinking it in cereals.

She also replaced butter with a “smart balance” of a low-cholesterol dairy product.

The alternatives don’t taste exactly the same, but she welcomes these changes.

“It forced me to come up with new ways to fill this gap,” said Henriksen, 45.

“It just takes time to adapt. If you grow up from snacks, you will eat without hesitation.

After a while, you will enjoy eating these things more. “

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