7 Reasons to Choose a Plant-Based Diet

Why go plant based ?

Choosing a plant-based diet may not seem like much of a choice once you have the facts.

All you have to do is pick up the right book and you’ll quickly realize, it’s the healthiest way to eat.

Plant-based, however, doesn’t have to mean vegetarian or vegan.

While I am a vegan and believe it’s the healthiest way for most (not all) people to eat, going from a carnivorous or western diet to a plant-based diet will provide a ton of health benefits, even if you don’t become a full on vegan or vegetarian.

If you want to read a few good books about the plant-based diet, here are my recommendations.

How Not to Die

The China Study

The Food Babe Way

Plant-Based Eating: Gain More Energy, More Productivity & Ward Off Illness

The first two on the list will show you the facts behind why you should go plant based diet.

The other two will help you along the way with good information about how to go about eating this type of diet.

While reading these books will certainly show you more than 7 reasons to choose a plant-base diet, you didn’t come to my blog today for a list of books to read.

You came here to find out what my 7 reasons why go plant based diet are.

Below, you will find my reasons and a few others from other sources to help you out.

My 7 Reasons why to go Plant Based Diet

I am a big believer that there is no such thing as a diet that works, unless the reasons behind using it fit.

You cannot just start a diet for weight loss, with weight loss as your only reason and expect it to stick. You need more.

I believe you should have at least two good reasons to start any new diet.

However, I don’t really care for the word diet, as we’ve made that word very temporary in our society today.

Instead, it’s a lifestyle change or an eating change.

If you plan to switch from your current diet to a plant-based diet, it’s important to have your reasons first.

Here are my reasons for choosing a plant-based, vegan diet.

1 – Healthiest Way to Fight Cancer

reasons to choose a plant-based-Fight Cancer with Plant Based Eating

While cancer doesn’t exactly run in my family and most of the normal health issues don’t, I certainly don’t want to die from it. 

Cancer is curable and preventable. However, Big Pharma would rather treat us all like cattle with a number in our ear in order to make money.[1]

Choosing to dine on plants means I have the best chance of avoiding all the major and minor cancers that could come into my life.

Plants offer the best possible nutrition for my body and most meats have been linked to one form of cancer or another.

Red meat isn’t good for us, even in the grass-fed form, which is better, but not great.

Fish is loaded with chemicals, even the wild-caught varieties.

Chicken may be the worst, as it’s responsible for the most bacteria growth and simply isn’t good for us, even though every low-fat, weight-loss diet promotes the plain chicken breast as healthy.

After reading the first few chapters of How Not to Die(link here), I realized very quickly, the best way to fight cancer, and many other illnesses, is through eating properly.

There have even been documented cases of people using eating to cure or at least slow down their cancer. Story 1Story 2Story 3 .

2 – Better Food = Better Energy

reasons to choose a plant-based-More Energy

One of my biggest fights of my adult life has been my energy level.

I used to be the guy with a Red Bull in my hand every single day trying to find the jolt of energy I needed.

Energy drinks don’t work and they are horrible for the body.

However, just like a car, if you put in the right fuel, you’ll get the performance you seek.

This was one of my major reasons for switching to a plant-based diet, but it didn’t start out as vegan.

I started with cutting back on certain things and ended up as vegan months later.

You can read the entire story in my blog post called Why I Became a Vegan here.

Energy has been a goal of mine for a long time.

I don’t want so much energy that I cannot sleep at night, but I want enough that I can be productive throughout my entire day.

Eating a plant-based diet gives me the right fuel in order to remain energized all throughout the day.

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3 – Weight Loss

While I don’t believe weight loss should be the main reason for changing the way you eat (unless your weight is a huge health concern) it can still be on the list.

For me, weight loss isn’t about getting skinny or looking a certain way.

It links right back to reason 2.

If I am no longer carrying around an extra 50 pounds, I should have more energy, right?

Imagine how drained you would be if you had to carry a backpack with 50 pounds in it everywhere you went.

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Except, the backpack isn’t on your back, it’s on you belly (mainly).

Since going plant-based, even before fully vegan, I have lost about 20 pounds.

I still have about 25-30 to go, but it’s coming off.

While it’s not flying off like we’d all like, it’s coming off in a healthy way and I won’t have to worry about putting it back on.

When you change the way you eat only for weight loss, you will likely last about 30 days.

You’ll lose some weight, and then, revert back to old habits to gain it all back.

This kind of yo-yo dieting will only cause more harm and stress on your body.

I chose plant-based to lose weight at a healthy pace, not overnight.

The part I love about eating a plant-based diet for weight loss: NO MORE COUNTING.

With a plant-based diet, you can eat as much as you want and you don’t need to count calories or carbs.

It’s very difficult to overeat when you’re eating vegetables, fruits and other plants as your main courses or as the entire meal.

I haven’t counted a single calorie or carb since going plant-based and have been losing weight regularly.

It’s so nice not to have to log in to a tracker and spend an hour of my day logging what I eat and drink.

I used to hate this part of most diets, but I don’t have to worry on a plant-based diet.

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4 – Food isn’t Just to be Enjoyed

I won’t tell you that you shouldn’t enjoy what you eat, but food isn’t just for enjoyment.

In the United States, more people are concerned with the flavor in the food than what it’s actually doing for their body.

Food can be flavorful and healthy.

In fact, your taste buds have the ability to adjust, over a few weeks, as you change what you eat.

Of course, going from Cheetos to a Carrot will be a bit drastic, a first.

I enjoy the food I eat and i enjoy eating fruits and vegetables, but I didn’t always enjoy every single one of them.

I used to hate asparagus, but love it now. My taste buds changed.

I struggled to eat kale, but now I cannot get enough of it.

What my body craves changed and I learned how to cook and season vegetables to make them delicious.

When you start looking at food as more than something to fill a void or to provide pleasure in your mouth, you’ll eat differently.

You can still enjoy food and be a plant-based eater, I promise!

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5 – Animals are Treated Terribly in our World Today

Animals are Treated Terribly in our World Today

If a cow was cuter, there is no way our society would allow them to be treated the way they are.

After watching a few documentaries, reading a few articles and seeing some behind-the-scenes footage, I simply cannot stand for the way we treat living creatures we turn into food in today’s world.

It’s horrific and I won’t stand for it one bit.

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Forcing a cow to get pregnant over and over again in order to produce milk is shameful.

Fattening up a cow in a small pen where they live in their own feces should be a crime.

Even the Oprah clip I have shared before the meat company tries to say they are humane, but if you watch, they are not all that humane.

I wouldn’t want to live that way, I would never treat a pet of mine that way and I simply cannot stand for the cruel way we treat animals.

It would be a different situation if we hunted animals specifically for survival.

If killing an animal meant my family could eat for the next week, I would be the first one in line to hunt.

However, hunting for sport, raising animals only to be food and treating animals cruelly isn’t something I can be a part of anymore.

We have the choice in today’s world and we don’t have to eat animals to survive.

We don’t have to hunt for survival in the United States.

I choose a plant-based diet because it’s better for the animals and I don’t believe any living creature should be treated like food.

Our society isn’t thankful for the sacrifice an animal makes to end up on our plate.

We are disconnected from the process because we didn’t kill it for survival.

We went to a store, picked out the piece of flesh we decided looked the best, purchased it and took it home.

It barely qualifies as gathering, yet we can justify the choice we all have.

I cannot justify that choice anymore.

I actually get sick thinking about the images I have seen of animals being slaughters, their living conditions and the cruelty shown to what society calls food.

The images are so strong they have kept me up at night before and I can compare them to the images stuck in my brain from the murder I once saw outside of a hotel room I was staying at.

You’re an adult and you get to make your own choice.

For me, I cannot stand for this type of cruel treatment of animals.

I choose to eat a plant-based diet because the animals should not be treated so poorly.

Even grass-fed, free-range animals are slaughtered after being fattened up to make someone money.

To me, it’s simply sick!

6 – More Environmentally-Friendly

The amount of crops that must be grown to raise cattle, chickens, pigs or other animals is insane.

The amount of water they need and the amount of land they need is also insane.

Animals grown for food create a ton of waste and consume a ton of food and land.

If we stopped raising them for food and started raising plants instead, it would help to heal our ailing planet.

Cowspiracy, a documentary about this issue, talks about how it takes 660 gallons of water to make one hamburger and about one to two acres of rain forest are cleared every second to support animal agriculture.

It’s rather sad that we have allowed this to happen.

I choose a plant-based diet because I cannot stand for the destruction of our planet.

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7 – Plant-based Diet is Actually Cheaper

My grocery bill has gone down quite a bit since going fully vegan.

Plants are cheaper to buy than meat and they fill you up more.

If you look at 100 calories of just about any plant food and you compare it to the volume of 100 calories of meat, there’s a huge difference.

When we have access to a good farmers’ market, our bill goes down even more.

I used to do the grocery shopping and my wife would rarely join me.

However, with the way we travel now, she comes along more often, sometimes just to check out the new area.

If I am shopping at a farmers market, she always comes because it’s more than just grocery shopping.

Anyway, she has been rather amazed at how much food we can get for $50 at a farmers’ market.

You can usually load up on plenty of fresh and local items that are in season and amazing.

Even without a farmers’ market, we save more than $100 a month by eating a plant-based diet.

I remember when I first started the plan from The Food Babe.

I can also remember when we were doing the OMG Diet.

Both were expensive.

The OMG Diet was expensive because of the massive amounts of meat it requires. 

The Food Babe plan also has some meat, but it requires other things that were not cheap.

Going plant-based doesn’t require me to buy expensive meats, cheeses or dairy products, since I am a vegan.

Even just cutting back on these makes a difference in the grocery bill for the week or month.

Other Reasons why go Plant Based Diet

You have my 7 reasons why go plant based diet, but it may not be enough.

I remember when I was looking into it.

I needed more than many articles gave me, so I am going to give you more.

Here are some of the other popular reasons why go plant based diet.

There are several other great reasons to choose a plant-based diet.

I gave you my 7 reasons to why go plant based diet and plenty of others from good sources.

Now, it’s up to you to make the decision that’s right for you and your family.

Have you gone plant-based with your diet?

Tell us about it in the comments below.


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