Today we have chosen to talk about some Interesting Facts about Veganism.

Veganism is a popular and emerging trend among the people.

There is a considerable portion of people which is happily adopting this trend.

Question is why people become vegans?

Well, the answer takes into account multiple factors.

What remains is a fact that people seem to misunderstand what veganism is all about.

They simply think that going off the animal diet means to adopt veganism, this is not true and facts are quite contrary to it.

Just a bit of more deep digging can prove, how much interesting it can be to be a vegan.

Once people know what the phenomenon is all about, they are naturally dragged towards these popular trends.

Here are the most interesting facts about veganism that would make anyone to ponder upon the idea.

8. Veganism is being non-violent

Being vegan doesn’t mean to merely follow a lifestyle, it is all about following the philosophy of non-violence.

Following veganism means to make this planet a better place for all the animals.

Exploitation of another living being, for gaining benefits is strongly discouraged by certain school of thoughts.

Many saints and pacifists put an emphasis on caring for animals to make for a more stable eco system.

So, veganism is about giving up on urge to eat more delicious meal, as a goodwill gesture for animals that also share the planet with human beings.

7. All Vegetarians don’t follow veganism

Being vegetarian doesn’t make a person to follow veganism.

The basic difference lies between the two terms vegetarians and vegans.

Vegetarians are those who don’t consume dairy products, only because they are health conscious.

They just want to lead cholesterol and fats free healthy lifestyle.

Such concern about a fit body doesn’t qualify them as a staunch follower of veganism.

Contrary to this, a vegan is one who takes care for animals.

His major concern is not his health but survival of the animals.

Hence, to pursue their motive of peace and sustainable environment vegans give up on animal products, whether it is food or clothing.

Yes, only vegans are true followers of veganism.

6. Vegans have lower chances to suffer from cancer

According to research, vegan cells have more tendencies to kill the cancer causing cells.

Another research proved that vegan females have 34% lower rate of cervical cancer, ovarian cancer or breast cancer.

Similar kinds of results were witnessed in vegan males, who had less chances of developing prostate cancer.

One can say that veganism is a way to minimize the risk of fatal diseases.

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5. Vegans have significantly lower cholesterol

Another health benefit that vegans face is the decline in cholesterol level.

Looking on stats reveals that vegans have considerably lower levels of cholesterol.

For example, an average American has 210 milligram per decilitre cholesterol.

While, ideal range should be from 150-200 milligram per decilitre.

Surprisingly vegans have 146 milligram per decilitre of cholesterol, which efficient for maintaining a good health.

Just imagine how vegans can succeed in getting rid of other diseases that are caused by rising cholesterol.

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4. Adopting veganism is a popular trend in the world

Veganism is on rise around the globe.

The stats related to the United States are in favor of veganism.

For example, 5% of US population is adopting to veganism up to certain extent, this makes up a total of 16 million individuals.

9.5 million Of these people are vegetarians while rest are vegans.

Such a huge population of veganism means, businesses have got another niche to cater.

3. Vegans are more close to nature

Vegans need vitamin D to absorb calcium, they obtain from vegetables.

They do so by getting an exposure to sunlight.

Using light rays from sun is the best way to fulfill the body’s needs of vitamin D.

In this way, vegans become closer to nature, which they already are.

In fact, their lifestyle makes them to spend most of time, in company of the nature.

So, have liberty to enjoy beautiful natural scenes.

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2. Vegans undergo quick genetic changes

According to Elizabeth Blackburn, Noble Prize Winner, a vegan can undergo changes in 500 genes within 3 months.

Mutations include turning on of genes that stop cancer, heart attack and other such diseases.

1. Veganism is popular among celebrities

Veganism is also very popular among celebrities.

There are big names in Hollywood that have given up on animal product, while living the healthy lifestyle.

The most prominent names include, Ellen DeGeneres, Natalie Portman, Carrie Underwood, Al Gore, Mike Tyson and many others.

The trend has also remained popular among politicians like Bill Clinton, the ex-president of the United States.

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