8 Ways Veganism Makes This Planet a Better Place For Living

Veganism is gaining more popularity as a philosophy.

Individuals, politicians or showbiz personalities, everyone seems to be taking an equal interest in it.

There can be so many reasons behind choosing the vegan oriented lifestyle, the foremost is to gain a fit body which is fat free.

Other advanced reasons can be to make a planet a better place for all the species.

After all, going vegan is all about caring for animals.

People who want to practice veganism or those who oppose the idea are not fully aware of what it is.

Prevalent believes are often not true beyond the myths.

Here are the certain must to know facts about the veganism.

Here’s a list of ways veganism makes this planet a better place for living :

8. Veganism saves water

Veganism is a way to save the scarce resources like water.

Standard diet results in consumption of 1000 gallons within one day.

But a vegan diet results in usage of only 400 gallons per day.

There are other more encouraging stats as well.

Reportedly, one pound of meat requires 2500 gallons for its production.

Contrary to this, one pound of wheat requires on 25 gallons of water.

In this way, production of vegan diet is fewer burdens on water, which is already depleting around the globe.

7. Vegan diet improves health

Yes, you heard it right and it is not a myth.

There are many reports and researches that bear testimony to health benefits of vegans.

Eating diet devoid of dairy products makes a person to develop less cholesterol and deposit no saturated fats.

Research by American Dietetic Association, reveals that vegans have lower blood cholesterol levels, they are less likely to develop Ischemic heart disease.

Further, chances of prostate cancer, colon cancer and high blood pressure also become reduced.

6. Veganism reduced costs anti-biotic costs

Going vegan means to inhibit the production of antibiotics.

It may seem that human consume more antibiotics.

The perception is not true.

Facts depict an entirely different story.

In the United States, people consume about 3 million pounds of antibiotics each year.

Figures are more alarming for animals.

Only livestock spends about 17.8 million pounds of antibiotics annually.

Using animals for dairy purposes requires spending more on antibiotics.

5. Vegans cause less pollution

Only meat industry is alone responsible for 20% pollution in environment.

Just imagine, how much harm it would cause, if leather industry’s emissions are also taken into account.

Above fog filled, gloomy and devastated picture of Bangladesh depends, how leather industry in country is costing the environment.

Going vegan means to reduce the burden on atmosphere, by releasing less irritants and pollutants.

4. Veganism saves the Forests

Every year, acres of forests are cleared to get land for agriculture.

Such massive cutting down of trees, not only leads to soil erosion but also destroys the natural habitat of animals.

Going vegan would mean to grow fewer crops used for feeding the livestock.

Consequently, Earth wouldn’t become deprived of its forest cover.

Apart from this, wild life would become safer.

Further, increased trees would increase oxygen release and act as environmental cleansers.

Yes, going vegan is a great way to save the planet from vulnerabilities.

3. Veganism can feed more people

Veganism can undoubtedly feed more people than a meat based diet.

It is being witnessed as a solution to get rid of hunger problem around the globe.

We would have more land to produce food for human beings.

As we wouldn’t be using too much land for cultivating livestock feed.

According to an estimate, grain that feeds the livestock for meat production, can feed almost 1.3 people around the globe.

A major portion of global population is still struggling to solve the hunger problem.

So, it would be great idea to get more resources for producing food for human beings.

2. Veganism prevents animals as well as human beings

You know, only in the United States, 500,000 animals get killed every hour, only for getting meat.

Figures don’t prove anything but the cruelty of human beings.

Astonishingly, such means of obtaining food are not doing any good.

Reports also reveal that infected meat is behind 80% meat.

Not being vegan often means to not be on the safe side.

1.Vegan food makes your fit

Vegan diet has very less calories.

It doesn’t feel heavy on stomach and hence deposits fewer fats.

Apart from this, there are many vegan foods that act as super foods.

They generate huge amount of energy and keep a person active.

Going vegan means to maintain an ideal body fitness.

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