Almond Milk VS Cow Milk: Which is better for you?

Actually, there are several things people can find and then take a note about the differences of almond milk vs cow milk.

The very easy thing to compare is about the source of both milks.

Cow milk (everybody in this world must have ever drunk it) is included in dairy product since it comes from animal and contains lactose.

While almond milk comes from almond nut which is definitely free from lactose.

Now, let’s learn more about almond milk vs cow milk below.

Almond Milk vs Cow Milk Nutrition:

Cow milk contains more complete nutrition and thus it is given for baby too.

Almond milk can be given to baby too, but it is not enough to fulfill their daily nutrition needs.

But, almond milk is recommended when a baby is allergic to cow milk or even other animal products.

Absolutely, the taste will be different but it is much better than letting the baby suffer from their allergy.

Cow milk becomes the most popular option for adults all around the world, although some of them choose to replace it with the other types of milk too for the sake of diet program.

Cow milk contains more calorie and cholesterol, thus it should be avoided by those who wish to bring their good body shape back by reducing some pounds in several weeks or months.

What about the almond milk vs cow milk in details?

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The Deeper Comparison:

A lot of people agree to say that almond milk is not only healthier, but also delicious and quite affordable too.

It is actually derived from the processing almonds and it is easier for you to imagine the taste of almond milk if you have ever eaten almond nut.

You can imagine about its delicate and very nutty flavor.

Anyway, the instant almond milk on the market is commonly fortified with some additional vitamins and other substances to enhance its taste and benefits.

It is true that almond milk should not be given to babies due to its less complete nutrients if compared to cow milk, but the case will be different for adults.

Older people will tend to need the substances to keep them healthy, not helping their growth.

So, almond milk which is less recommended for babies can be quite helpful for adults.

Naturally, almond is a type of nut which provides people with high content of vitamin E, omega (6 and 9), fiber and also protein.

Besides, almond is rich in magnesium, selenium and flavonoids.

If you wish to get more calcium, then cow milk is much better to take.

However, nothing is better in providing good level of calcium except cow milk.

When it comes to talk about the milk production of almond milk vs cow milk, almond milk offers the healthier and safer process.

If you look at the steps to make both milks, you will soon find the fact that getting the milk from a cow is a process which is prone to contamination.

In fact, many cows are mostly injected with some different antibiotics and hormones which can possibly affecting people health.

Absolutely, the condition of a cow will bring significant effect toward the quality of the milk itself.

Unfortunately, only few of factory farms pay very good attention to the health of the cows involved.

It is much different from the almond milk which requires simpler, cleaner and more practical process.

Recently, almond milk is rising in popularity for 3 main reasons: looking for healthier alternative to cow’s milk, veganism and allergic to soy products.

With the least side effects brought by almond milk, no wonder that you would have found more options of almond milk on the market.

So, which one is better when you talk about almond milk vs cow milk?

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