Are Oreos vegan? – Can vegans eat Oreos?

How Are Oreos vegan?

Although they are incredibly tasty, Oreos should definitely be a concern for some people that are on a specific diet and are trying to lose weight. 

Only eating three cookies (original) contains 7 g’s of total fat and 14 g’s of sugar. 

So if you are eating a package of Oreos, a half a pack or just six cookies it can add up quickly. 

From the cover of the package, you might think that it would definitely contain milk therefore eliminating it from the vegan diet plan

But if you look closely, the caption says, “Milk’s Favorite Cookie”.  This can be a little deceptive at first glance.

So what’s in it…

If we look at the package, nothing in the ingredients would indicate that this product would not be vegan approved. 

It actually contains wheat and soy, something that vegans normally might include in their diet plan.

The officials speak…

The official company stance on this issue which comes directly from their website.

They answer two questions about our subject:

Why are oreos vegan and how are oreos vegan?

1-Are Oreos suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, OREO products are veggie-friendly!

Oreo Original, Chocolate Crème, Mini Oreo and Double stuff Oreo biscuits are suitable for vegetarians.

To confirm that you are purchasing a ‘suitable for vegetarians’ product, please always refer to on-pack information.

2-Are Oreos suitable for vegans?

“Oreo is not suitable for Vegans as they have the cross contact of Milk”.

Can this be correct? 

Where does it say that on the packaging? 

I was not able to find it. 

3-What exactly does cross contact of Milk mean? 

Cross contact usually means that the equipment used to make products using dairy ingredients is also used to make other non-dairy ingredient products such as Oreo cookies.

What does it mean… 

Is any amount of cross contact enough to make a vegan not eat an Oreo cookie? 

The answer may lie in other posts where I talked about the many different types of vegetarians. 

If you are the strictest kind of vegetarian (vegan) then this is a no-brainer. 

You stay away from all products that may have cross contact. 

It is an individual choice. 

Remember there are no rules. 

But to be honest, I think there are probably a lot of products on the market today that vegans consume that have some type of cross contact.

4-Can vegans eat Oreos?

For an answer, we turn to PETA.

PETA states that Simply because they might come into contact with milk isn’t enough for us to say that vegans should avoid Oreo cookies.

5-Are Oreos vegan? 


Oreo cookie ingredients are free of animal-based products.

Oreos are technically vegan.

What do you think? 

Should you be eating them as part of a healthy diet plan? 

That is a question only you have the answer to.

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