At a basic level superfoods can be described as foods rich in nutrients that have marked health benefits

There are all kinds of superfoods list out there from fruits to grains and even some fish. 

The problem is that many of these foods are thought of as bland or even tasteless. 

This is partly because of the way that we have been forced to train our taste buds to fast foods and salty snacks. 

The good news is that superfoods don’t need to be bland and can even be a delicious replacement to some of those sweet and salty foods that you crave.

1) Kale

superfood list : kale cabbage

For years kale was seen as nothing more than a garnish, some parents even encouraged their kids not to eat it. 

Now we know that kale is packed with vitamins, minerals, calcium, and fiber

Instead of eating potato chips try switching to Kale chips; they are easy to make, delicious, and still offer the crunchy texture that you get from potato chips.

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2) Quinoa

superfood list : quinoa

Quinoa is basically the definition of a super food as it offers the fiber of grain, protein of meat, and vitamins and minerals of vegetables. 

It is not a grain, but it cooks like one and can be added to pretty much any dish. 

Instead of a fatty burger patty try throwing some quinoa and spices together to create a delicious, vegan, burger replacement.

3) Squash

superfood squash

Mashed squash may not sound appetizing but it is a perfect substitution for mashed potatoes

Not only are they rich in vitamins and fiber their natural taste and texture prevent you from needing to add less healthy additives like butter and salt.

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4) Blueberries

superfood Blueberries

Blueberries are one of the most talked about superfoods because of the fact that they are packed full of vitamins and antioxidants.

Plus they are downright delicious. 

The next time you find your sweet tooth acting up mix up some blueberries with some ricotta cheese for a sweet and creamy dessert.

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5) Avocado

If you were stranded on a desert island and there was only one food on the island you would want it to be avocado. 

Avocados are the complete package with all protein, fiber, and vitamins that one would need. 

The best part is that their texture makes them a perfect substitute for anything from meat to a cheese spread.

Superfoods are great for people who needs more nutrients for their daily life, and for someone who want to boost their energy from raw foods. 

We are more than happy to share this great superfoods list that our family enjoyed, we hope that you enjoy eating them too.

Until then, all the love from me and my family.

Start a daily with one of these Superfoods list.

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