Check out our review for Raw Organic Protein made by Garden of Life.

This company produces the most effective nutrition products which combine the best from nature and science.

The end result is making quality and healthy vegan protein powders which guarantee you staying in shape and doing it in a healthy way.

The path to a healthy is achieved through a balanced correlation of exercise, good nutrition and health.

To enable you a secure nutrition piece of the puzzle, Garden of Life brings you all natural products made mainly from the ingredients found in nature.

Raw Organic Powder is one of their more popular vegan products as it combines the raw ingredients from sprouted proteins.

Protein Source

Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein utilizes the raw protein powder of various living seeds and grains.

Its main advantage is its high degree of amino acids which is made possible by a combination of 13 different sprouted grains and seeds.

The mixture out of which the proteins are provided includes:

  • sprouted brown rice protein,
  • amaranth sprout,
  • quinoa sprout,
  • millet sprout,
  • buckwheat sprout,
  • garbanzo bean sprout,
  • lentil sprout,
  • adzuki bean sprout,
  • flax seed sprout,
  • sunflower seed sprout,
  • pumpkin seed sprout,
  • chia seed sprout and
  • sesame seed sprout.

The combination of these seeds and grains results in a 33% of Daily Value per intake.

This is why this particular vegan protein powder can be compared with some whey proteins, due to its amino acids profile.

But on the other hand, it does not suffer from the consequences that animal based product can cause.

It gives you the best of both worlds, a high quality amino acid profile, like in some whey or animal products, but with healthy and safe results, which is the case when using vegan protein powders.

Proteins per Serving

One daily serving of Raw Organic Protein powder weight 22g per scoop.

Out of those 22g in a single scoop there are 17g of pure protein.

Price of Garden of Life Raw Protein

One canister of Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein weighs exactly 622 grams (or 22 Oz).

The total price of each canister is between $27 and $31( you can check the exact price here on amazon).

This will make Raw Organic Protein one of the middle priced vegan protein powders on the market.

But if you view its cost per gram, which is around 4 cents per gram, you will see that this powder can be found at a very affordable price.

Get it for the best price on garden of life raw organic proteinFree shipping is also included.

Nutrition Facts

A single daily serving includes 80 calories in total.

Each daily serving includes an addition of A, D, E and K vitamins.

There is only 3g of total carbohydrates in one serving, 2g of which are soluble fiber and 1g insoluble fiber.


There are a few tastes to choose from when it comes to Raw Organic Protein by Garden of Life.

The Unflavored kind is extremely popular, although it does not come with any tastes at all.

It can be used mixed with plain water or with some almond milk as well.

But when it comes to adding flavor to your protein shake or smoothie, a variety of flavors are available.

There are the Vanilla and Chocolate flavors, which are the highest sought for flavors.

There is also the addition of Vanilla Spiced Chai (Check it here), which is growing fast in popularity and has quickly become one of the fan favorites.

The flavored ones come with a bit more calories per serving (90 calories per serving) but if you like the taste you will not mind the extra calories.

Is This Protein Safe For Consumption?

This product is deemed very healthy and user friendly.

This means that the product used to make it are entirely organic and everyone can use it.

It is not gender specific and does not include any soy.

The combination of more than 13 sprouted beans and seeds give it a high amino acid value, much higher than it other plant based products.

It can even be compared with some animal based protein powders according to its amino acid value.

But on the other hand, does not include any side-effects of the whey based or dairy based products.

Being totally organic, it does not include any gluten, cholesterol and it is GMOs free.

Another great thing is that it does not come with any artificial flavors or sweeteners and is completely allergen free.

Incorporating an additional enzyme, which enables better digestion, the product is very easy on your stomach.

All of this facts make the Raw Organic Protein by Garden of Life one of the prime vegan protein powder products.

What’s GOOD about Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein?

Raw Organic Protein by Garden of Life is USDA Certified Organic.

All of the products used for the protein base are all-natural.

The high amino acid quality is perhaps the premier thing which many people find interesting and useful.

The high amino acid profile of this product is good enough for enhancing muscle tone and enabling additional energy for a better and stronger workout.

It is also great for adding some extra calories to your diet.

It compares well with other whey or animal based proteins, but without the downsides that these protein powder types may cause.

The high solubility makes this product easier to use while its high digestive properties make it much easier on your stomach.

What makes it good for a vegan diet is that its protein base comes from raw source materials and that it also provides you with vitamin D, which can otherwise only be found in fish or animal meat.

What’s BAD about it?

Perhaps the only drawback of Garden of Life’s Raw Organic Powder is its taste.

Browsing through certain reviews, I noticed that some people have complained about the taste of the product.

This is mainly concerned about the unflavored kind.

The chalky texture and the taste when mixed with water are the prime concerns of the users.

But you can easily cover the taste by adding some fruit or by looking up some great smoothie or shake recipes on the net.

It is perhaps best when mixed with some frozen bananas, but other ways are used as well.

The chalky texture can be overcome by mixing it with something else rather than water.

Some people have even mixed it up with green tea, because they mind the extra calories which are gained by adding juice.

How to use Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein?

Raw Organic Protein is very easy to use.

It can be mixed with water or your favorite juice.

Being highly soluble makes it much easier for you to prepare on the go.

This is perfect for when you are on a run and need some extra energy, so you can simply mix it with water.

If you prefer using it as a smoothie or a protein shake, there are plenty of recipes available on the web that you may try.

Some of the more favorite ones are mixing this protein powder with frozen bananas, cocoa, ice, spirulina and almond butter.

Depending on your taste, you may try mixing it with other fruit to enhance the taste of your shake.

People Who Bought this Vegan Protein Also Bought

Garden of Life offers a variety of different Raw products as well.

Some customers have also tried out other Garden of Life’s products after feeling happy with this one.

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Do you consider Raw protein sources superior than other plant-based or whey passed protein powders?

If satisfied, would you ever switch over to a vegan protein diet?

Perhaps the Raw Organic Protein by Garden or Life is your new favorite protein powder.

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