Alkaline foods are raw food that, when metabolized or “burned,” leave an alkaline residue or ash in the body.

Foods that leave an acid ash are called acid ash foods.

Alkaline foods are excellent for our body.

They are the best and fast restorer of good health.

Alkaline food neutralizes the hyperacidity of the body thus eliminating the toxins in the system.

Hyperacidic system is very prone to diseases, therefore eating alkaline food restores the body to good health.

The following herbs, fruits, nuts, and vegetables are alkaline foods:

Celery, lettuce, cucumbers, egg plant, strawberries, okra, limes, oranges, tomatoes, lemons, peaches, grapefruit, banana, carrots, beets, and figs.

Cooked food ferments easily once inside the body.

It causes hyperacidity and toxify the body.

Fruits, nuts, and vegetables are best eaten raw.

The nutrients are preserved, and organic live enzymes are excellent for good health.

I eat raw vegetables during all my regular meals.

With rice as the only cooked food, I have as my viands all raw vegetables, such as cucumber mixed with tomatoes, onions, garlic, lettuce, cabbage, squash, potatoes, raddish, cabbage, and horseraddish.

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Lately, I tried eating raw eggplant.

It taste like an egg yolk. No wonder it is called an eggplant.

Mustard leaves are quite bitter and pungent like the horseraddish leaves.

But by garnishing your vegetable salad with lemon, tomato, onion, and garlic, the dish become delicious and palatable.

The health benefits of eating raw alkaline foods is tremendous.

You will have fairer, naturally glowing skin.

You will have a strength and vitality you never had before, and your memory becomes sharper and more retentive.

All body aches will disappear, and you will have a very good night sleep.

Your immune system becomes stronger, and all your days and years of your life are disease-free.

Now that you known the benefits of Alkaline foods, bringing more raw food (fruits and vegetables) into your diet will start to swing your body back to better health and balance.

It is up to you.

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