How Cooking Destroys Food?

Humans have only been cooking for a very short period of time relative to the millions of years that we ate a natural raw diet.

Our bodies are not able to fully utilize foods that have been cooked. 

All types of cooking destroy food.

If we were to eat only the foods that humans are meant to eat (fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds), but we still cooked them, we would have a higher level of health than the majority of people in our culture but we would be far from the highest level of health that is possible.


Because cooking is actually a chemical process that changes the molecular structure of the food, making it foreign to the body. 

Anything that the body can’t use is a toxin and if the body can’t eliminate toxins fast enough, sickness is the result.

Arthur M. Baker in “Awakening Our Self Healing Body“, writes, “Overly cooked foods literally wreck our body.

They deny needed nutrients to the system since heat alters foodstuffs such that they are partially, mostly, or wholly destroyed.

Nutrients are coagulated, denatured, caramelized, and rendered inorganic and become toxic and pathogenic in the body.”

If you don’t believe that cooking destroys food, try sticking your hand in a pot of boiling water and see how much it is damaged.

Dr. Virginia Vetrano writes, “Heating any food, destroys much of its vitamin, mineral, and protein content, and poisonous inorganic acids are formed. The all uncooked diet is most healthful.”

Cooked foods leave us feeling tired, sluggish and depressed.

Raw foods are much easier to digest and contain a much higher level of beneficial components such as vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

When we eat fresh, alive, raw foods we are providing our bodies with the best possible nutrition.

Our bodies will respond by giving us the best health possible.