How To Have a Vegan Pregnancy and a Healthy Baby!

First of all congratulations on your vegan pregnancy!! I am so excited for you – this is one of the most memorable events of your life.

You will always remember the birth of your child.

I remember how excited I was when I first found out I was pregnant with Steve.

I also remember all the questions I had being a vegan and wondering whether or not I was getting the right nutrients in my diet.

As I started searching around for answers I realized there wasn’t any one great source of information on a vegan pregnancy.

I kept all the information I pulled together and even toyed with putting a book or guide together.

I thought surely it would be useful for other vegans, vegetarians, or women just concerned about the nutrition they were getting to ensure a healthy baby.

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My doctor’s only concern was the amount of iron and folic acid that I was eating.

After showing him my vegan vitamins he had no reservations about me maintaining my vegan lifestyle throughout my pregnancy.

I realize that many women when they get pregnant may use the pregnancy as a “carte blanche” to eat anything and as much of what ever they want.

But I was determined to stick to my values and still have a healthy baby.

I was most concerned about finding vegan prenatal vitamins, making sure I was getting enough proteinB12, and iron, and ensuring I was eating a balanced diet.

But I had other questions too :

What ingredients were in cleaning products I was using?

Were they safe for my baby?

How was my body going to change during pregnancy?

My healthy baby boy was born in 2013.

And during my pregnancy I believe that because of my vegan lifestyle and paying good attention to my diet I had a seamless pregnancy experience;

Granted everyone is different and their bodies react differently, but I feel that my choices helped maintain my health and how my body fed my baby.

And after the pregnancy, I feel I was able to return to my pre-pregnancy body quicker because of my vegan lifestyle!

What I have tried to do here is provide to you answers to all the questions I had when I was pregnant.

If you have a questions not answered here, please contact me and ask!

I welcome all questions!

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