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Rooftop Vegetable Garden-The New challenge

On the roof of a warehouse in downtown New York, a group of young people who are keen on environmental protection opened up an organic farm-“Brooklyn Farm”, A Rooftop Vegetable Garden.

“Brooklyn Farm” was selected as the only candidate from North America, although the project was not selected the top man, but Brooklyn’s “manor owners” have already won the envy of thousands of Internet users on the Internet, especially those in the metropolis who yearn for organic life.

Green idea, development for the air

Today, any international metropolis, whether it is New York, London, Tokyo or Beijing and Shanghai in China, is facing the problem of overpopulation.

How to ensure the area of ​​public and private green space has become an increasingly serious challenge.

Not to mention it is said that organic vegetables and fruits are planted.

When people discovered that there was not much space on the ground of the metropolis to open up vegetable garden.

The idea of ​​upward development naturally came into being.

Why not take advantage of those unused rooftops?

Looking down at the city from the sky, we can often only see the icy roofs full of machines and concrete.

Imagine how they will be decorated with soil and plants, and the city’s skyline will become green.

It is driven by this idea that the roofs of many commercial buildings, creative parks and public buildings have become experimental fields for some landscape architects and architects.

They took the lead in turning the dream of aerial vegetable garden into reality, and slowly development towards the terrace of a private house.

From New York to Shanghai, which has promoted the concept of green living after the World Expo, the new concept of roof planting is spreading faster than we can imagine.

Tasted value of Rooftop Vegetable Garden

The success of Brooklyn Farm not only allows public agencies to see the future of urban greening, but also envied many urban residents who live on the other side of the ocean.

In fact, just in Shanghai, There is a similar roof vegetable garden experiments.

For example, the environmental protection creative park Anken Green has a rainwater collection system installed on the roof.

It can accumulate 6000 liters of rainwater at one time, and 70% is used to water the vegetable garden.

The rest are used for toilet flushing on the two floors of the building, planting and environmental protection

The roof of the super supermarket, which specializes in green food, has become a must-see for people who buy organic fruits and vegetables.

The rooftop vegetable garden is growing so fast in NYC, not only because it reuses roof space to increase greenery, but also because food safety issues are constantly sounding the alarm.

More and more people are concerned about the source of food, especially those that can be eaten directly.

Fruits and vegetables.

In order to ensure that the vegetables and fruits in their mouths do not have disturbing ingredients.

Some quality-loving families prefer to spend more money and energy to personally go to the organic vegetable garden to buy the freshest dinner ingredients.

If such a vegetable garden is located nearby, how good is a roof on your doorstep, maybe a small rooftop above the office, a vacant lot next to the gym’s outdoor swimming pool, or even a small terrace on top of your own house.

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