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Short-term vegetarian diet to lose weight fast

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Controlling meat and oil intake is the key to weight loss, so many women will choose short-term vegetarian diets such as weight-loss soups and apple meals.

Eating vegetables, this sounds like an unusual thing, but if you don’t eat it scientifically, you will not only lose weight but also have an adverse effect on your health.

So, how can vegetables be scientific and healthy?

Eat more fresh vegetables

Fresh green vegetables, which are bought at home and are not eaten, will slowly lose some vitamins.

For example, at 20 degrees, spinach loses 84% ​​of vitamin C when stored for 24 hours.

So try to eat as much fresh vegetables as possible.

Nutritional parts that should not be discarded

For example, bean sprouts, some people only eat the above buds and throw away the beans.

In fact, beans contain 2-3 times more vitamin C than buds.

Then, squeeze out the juice when making dumplings, and vitamins will be lost more than 70%.

The correct method is to cut the vegetables and mix with oil, then add salt and seasoning so that the oily cabbage will not produce soup.


According to measurement, the vitamin C loss of vegetables cooked on high fire is only 17%, and if sauteed again, the vitamin C loss in the vegetables is 59%.

Therefore, stir-fry vegetables should use Wang Huo.

Such fried vegetables not only have good color and taste, but also have less nutrition loss.

Adding a little vinegar when cooking is also conducive to the preservation of vitamins.

Stir-fried vegetables while hot

To save time, some people like to cook the dishes well in advance, and then wait for them to be eaten together or eaten hot in the pot.

In fact, the vitamin B1 in vegetables will lose 25% during cooking and warming.

If fried cabbage is kept for 30 minutes, it will lose 10%, and if it grows to 1 hour, it will lose 20%.

Eat more soup

Many people like to eat vegetables but don’t like to drink soup.

In fact, most of the vitamins are dissolved in the soup when cooking.

Take vitamin C as an example.

After the cabbage is cooked, 70% of the vitamin C is dissolved in the soup; fresh peas are boiled in water for 3 minutes, and 50% of the vitamin C is dissolved in the soup.

When washing and cutting vegetables, if the vegetables are cut and rinsed, a large amount of vitamins will be lost to the water.

Stir-fried meat dishes are more fat-absorbing

Some people prefer to eat vegetables added to the meat in order to lose weight without eating fat.

Researchers have discovered that vegetables with a lot of water are filled with air between the cells, while meat is filled with water between the cells, so the vegetables are more likely to absorb oil, which is not conducive to weight loss.

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