Sugar Free Yogurt- Can Yogurt Truly Be Sugar Free?

Here is a confusing term. Can yogurt truly be sugar free?

Is it simply plain yogurt which doesn’t have any added fruits, honey or other sugary sweeteners?

Or is it Greek yogurt which naturally comes with a reduced amount of lactose?

Or is it lactose free yogurt which has an added lactose enzyme which together with naturally-occurring probiotics digests the lactose found in milk before you actually ingest it?

Sugar free yogurt is a good choice for individuals who are on a sugar-restricted diet.

It’s commonly used as an exceptional home remedy utilized by people experiencing diabetes or perhaps for those who desire to get rid of a yeast infection.

This is enhanced by the effective bacterial properties like Acidophilus bacteria found within it that assist the body in getting rid of the yeast.

Plain fat free yogurt also serves as the basis for several recipes or dips by adding a few mashed spoons of fruit plus a bit of purely natural sweetener such as vegan honey or even maple syrup.

So let’s being with plain yogurt…

Benefits of Plain Yogurt

Welcome to the most naturally occurring yogurt you can possibly get.

Kids probably despise it, but nutrition-minded adults love the fact that there are no added sugar or other artificial sweeteners.

Chefs most likely use it as a base which they can add to recipes while health nuts love to add nuts and whole grains to their breakfast yogurts each morning.

100% Sugar free yogurt?

Not really. You’re still getting quite a hefty dose of sugars from the lactose found in milk.

But at least you don’t have the nasty processed sugars which are added into those ‘delicious’ but ‘awfully sweet’ fruity yogurts which pack in a whopping 25 grams of sugars per serving.

Greek Yogurt – A Mecca of Nutrition and Wholesome Goodness

Not just delightful is Greek yogurt, but it is also full of dietary value!

The exceedingly high volumes of necessary protein help it to become an especially attractive choice for wholesome meal recipes.

Calcium minerals and also other precious dietary features are within it – which causes it to become super-healthy in the eyes of nutritionists.

The good craftsmanship and high quantities of necessary protein in Greek-style yogurt enable it to be essential as a common part of the diet – to help with your muscle growth and even to help shed pounds.

Is it really sugar free yogurt?

For anyone who can still handle a little sugar in their diet, they’ll be happy to know that Greek yogurt has a greatly reduced amount of sugar than regular yogurt due to its straining process.

In fact, more than half as much lactose!

The fact that it can be much lower in carbohydrates versus regular yogurt, translates that it really is much much better for you.

It can be as a matter of fact ‘protein-packed’ and full of healthful enzymes, although it does tend to cost even more than ordinary yogurt.

You might have to pay several more dollars to shop for it, but the quantity of nutrients you’ll be able to get out of it much more than makes up for this minimal bad attribute.

Lactose Free Yogurt – Now I Think We’re Close

Perhaps this would be the closest we can get to true sugar free yogurt.

This is special yogurt that has lactose added to it which digests the lactose sugar (which is naturally found in milk) as much as 95% so that you’re really only ingesting a trace amount of it.

As long as you buy plain lactose free yogurt without any added fruits or sweeteners, and preferably a low-fat version, you’ll be fine!

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