The main difference between the fruit diet and the juice diet are the foods they include.

The fruit diet focuses mainly on eating fresh, organic whole fruits and or to some degree freshly squeezed or juiced fruits, as well as smoothie blends.

The vegetable juice diet on the other hand includes mainly vegetables which make up the juice blends, but can also include lemons and apples in those juices.

I recommend all the fruits and vegetables you eat and juice are fresh, and organic, or secured by local farmers markets since conventionally farmed vegetables and fruits are sprayed with toxic pesticides which leave residues.

Those toxins have a way of being easily ingested into your blood stream and they don’t leave the body.

Instead they get stored in the tissues, fat reserves and organs and cause damage.

I have friends who have suffered from hypoglycemia, the beginning stages of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, cancer and other diseases who have tried both programs and gained great success from both, while experiencing a reverse of the disease.

I have tried both diets at different points in my life, and depending on certain factors such as the location I lived in, the foods I had most readily accessible, and my particular health condition at the time.

Both diets produced a different effect on me, both were positive, although I am a greater advocate of the juice diet as it includes certain nutrients from the vegetable and fruit diet that my body type needs.

1-Benefits of the Fresh Fruit Diet

Fresh fruits are some of the most delicious and nutrient rich foods.

Besides being a delicious way to detoxify and lose weight, a fruits diet:

  • Has cancer fighting properties (especially fruits such as those with dark blue or dark purple coloring, like purple grapes, raspberries, strawberries)
  • Is filled with enzymes that do most of the digestive work, taking the stress off the pancreas
  • Is high in fibre which helps to cleanse and rid the body of toxic wastes

2-Benefits of the Raw Veggie Juice Diet

I see the two most important benefits of the raw vegetable and fruit diet for juicing:

  • Extracts the greatest amount of nutrients from the vegetables and this makes those nutrients more easily and quickly digestible
  • You are able to eat a greater amount of vegetables effortless and get more nutrients

3-Downsides to veggie juicing:

  • If you only juice you miss the important vegetable and fruit fibre
  • Nutrients that are in the skin of certain vegetables (or fruits) don’t get extracted in the juicing process.

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