The Right Diet Can Fight Cancer

According to the World Health Organization, cancer is one of the leading causes of death globally.

Every year, more than 12 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer.

This article is an extract from The Cancer Project’s two-piece DVD “Diet Correctly Fights Cancer”, presented by Dr. Neil Barnard, a respectable nutrition researcher and writer. 

It is also included with the book “A Guide for Cancer Rehabilitation People” co-authored by Jennifer Riley, a registered dietitian.

Dr. Barnard is the chair of the Cancer Initiative, a non-profit organization in the United States that promotes prevention and cancer prevention through nutrition education and research. 

The Cancer Project is part of the “Responsible Medicine Physicians Committee” created by Dr. Barnard in 1985.

This committee is made up of American doctors and carers to promote public health. 

The Committee is also active in programs such as the “21-Day Vegan Startup Course” to make the public aware of the benefits of a plant-based diet and to seek to modify the country’s nutrition principles. 

Dr. Barnard has served as the lead reviewer of several clinical studies, analyzing the relationship between diet and health.

His research results have been published in top scientific and medical journals.

He is often interviewed by the national media in the United States to talk about his health and medical issues.

Views on important issues. The following is an excerpt from the chapter “How Food Fights Cancer” on the DVD “Diet Right to Fight Cancer”.

Today’s course focuses on nutrition not only about the risk of cancer or helping us stay away from cancer, but also how to fight cancer through nutrition if you already have cancer. 

Before I start, I have two important points.

The first is to let go of the blame. This is human nature.

When there are serious health problems, I think, “Why is this? Is it caused by me? Or is it caused by others?”

I understand this mood , But drop it now. 

The second point is to work with a doctor or a caregiver. All the information you will get is for you to use outside of the doctor’s test or treatment, not as a substitute.

First, what is cancer?

Cancer starts inside the cell, the nucleus is DNA, and that is the blueprint for each cell, forming us. 

DNA is easily damaged, and when cells are abnormal, they start to breed out of control, just like weeds settling on flowerbeds will kill other plants. 

A little bit will kill the cells, enter the blood, flow somewhere in the body, repeat the tricks, spread and destroy other tissues, and this is the case with cancer. 

However, there are certain substances that can make it worse, and there are certain substances that can help improve it. 

Hormones can lead to worsening. Women with breast cancer, female hormones-estrogen can stimulate its growth, making it more likely not only to occur, but also more likely to spread.

Men with prostate cancer, male hormones the same effect of androgens, promote Cancer cells grow and spread.

The first signs of cancer related to diet came from comparisons of different countries, such as Japan and the United States. 

Japanese women are less likely to develop cancer than American women, and they are more likely to survive even if they have cancer. 

What’s the reason?

The first theory is that Japanese women are slim, which is important. 

Because body fat is the stronghold of estrogen formation. 

The more fat there is in the body, the more estrogen enters the blood, and they flow around in the blood in search of cancer cells. 

They are like weed’s fertilizer, fertilizer makes weeds grow, and estrogen worsens disease. 

This is part of the theory. Diet is also very important for slim women.

Women who eat high fat and low fiber, do you know what fiber is?

I mean plant cellulose. 

That high-fat, low-fiber diet also increases blood estrogen, which is the fertilizer for weeds.

How can this happen?

According to long-term research by researchers, women with high-fat and low-fiber diets have soared estrogen content in the blood within a few weeks, which is significantly higher than before.

Partly because fiber helps to eliminate excess estrogen.

Think about it, the liver is always filtering the blood and filtering foreign substances.

It will find excess estrogen in the blood, scoop it out, and send it into the intestine through the bile ducts.

As the excrement is discharged from the body, the liver is The blood filter saw estrogen saying, “We don’t need you anymore, and we want to filter you out.”

Then it was scooped out and sent to the bile ducts and intestines for drainage. 

What a great system!

The only problem is that this must rely on fiber. If you consume a lot of fiber, that is, fruits and vegetables, beans, whole grains, the liver finds a small amount of estrogen and enters the bile duct and then enters the intestine.

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The fiber will take it away. Suppose my lunch is skimmed milk, yogurt and chicken breast.

How much fiber is in them?

They are not plants, do not contain plant cellulose, and animal products do not contain fiber.

What will happen?

The liver will filter the blood to find estrogen, After entering the bile duct and entering the intestine, where is my fiber?

There is nothing at all! What about estrogen?

It will flow back into the blood, will be reabsorbed, and circulate throughout the body, then back to the liver, and the liver will again say, “What are you doing here?”

The liver will filter estrogen again, send it into the bile duct and enter the intestine again, looking for fiber, without a shadow, and it is reabsorbed again!

This cycle we call estrogen For “intestinal liver circulation”, “intestine” is the intestine, and “liver” is the liver. The “liver” of hepatitis.

Not only does estrogen circulate in this way, so does androgens, a high-risk group for prostate cancer. 

The same system can be used to excrete excess androgen.

If the diet contains a lot of fiber, the androgen value will meet the standard, not too much, because the liver will exclude the excess androgen. 

Cholesterol is the same. Everyone has heard that oatmeal can reduce cholesterol.

Its role is: oatmeal is rich in fiber. The liver filters cholesterol and sends it to the bile duct and transports it down.

If it encounters oatmeal or other fibers, it will be excreted with excreta. Cholesterol will decrease.

Is the theory so effective?

Yes, it really works. 

Some studies have pointed out that dietary changes have an impact not only on hormones but also on cancer rates.

I simply share with you two findings. 

One is a study by the State University of New York at Buffalo in the United States.

They looked at about 900 women with breast cancer and found that the longer the time, the more kilograms of fat a woman consumes each month increases the risk of death from the disease by 40%. 

Consider my words, suppose you eat a plant-based diet, contain no animal products, and do not have many extra fats, that is, this diet is not much fat. 

For comparison, let ’s take a look at a typical American diet that may contain many cheeseburgers, gravy sauces, and chips, full of fat, right?

The difference between the two is between 1,000 and 1500 grams of fat per month.

The process The gap between life and death in China is as high as 40% to 60%.

Another study is important. Women’s nutrition intervention studies included women with breast cancer. 

They are required to reduce fat content in their diet, and these women follow suit. 

Their control diet was low for women with 30 to 33 grams of fat. 

In contrast, women who consumed about 51 grams of fat were below average. 

But not as good as the special diet group, and then doing a follow-up, these women have cured their breast cancer. 

Is there a relapse?

Have you had a new cancer?

Because if you have had a cancer like breast cancer, you may not only relapse, but more likely to have a new cancer.

As a result, they found that this diet can help prevent cancer and reduce recurrence or development by 24% new cancer risk.

The same is true for prostate cancer. 

The researchers studied prostate cancer patients, 40% of them changed their diet, and observed whether there was really a difference.

The answer is yes. 

Dr. Dean Onish‘s research proves that heart disease can be reversed. 

He was treated with a low-fat vegetarian diet, exercise, and decompression, and he found that heart disease could be reversed. 

He did the same for prostate cancer patients, with surprisingly good results. 

As you know, there are 93 prostate cancer patients.

Prostate cancer does not necessarily require immediate treatment.

Many patients are old men and sometimes they can wait. 

If the prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood test trail does not rise rapidly, wait, the rapid rise must be treated, and you can’t wait any longer. 

Comparing the vegetarian group with the non-vegetarian group, we found that the men’s prostate specific antigens in the vegetarian group did not rise and began to decline, and fell 4% during the tracking process.

This is a good sign that it is recovering. No one needed treatment at all during this study.

The PSA in the control group rose, by about 6%. Six of the 49 people in this group couldn’t wait any longer.

Their cancer had worsened and they had to be treated.

The whole thing also has a characteristic, and dairy products obviously have a special impact. 

Men who eat more dairy products appear to have a higher risk of prostate cancer. 

We must study more about this. But two large studies from Harvard University have pointed out that men who ingest large amounts of dairy products have a significantly higher risk of prostate cancer than others.

Perhaps because dairy products change their blood and increase insulin-like growth factors in the blood. 

Ever heard of this term?

I think insulin-like growth factor is similar to cholesterol. 

Do you guys know the blood cholesterol test, what does the cholesterol value reveal?

It will reveal the possibility of heart disease, not necessarily now, but ten years later. 

If I take a blood test for your insulin-like growth factor value, a higher value indicates that you are more likely to have certain cancers.

Men are prostate cancer and women are breast cancer.

Why does milk increase insulin-like growth factors?

It does. Think about it, what is the function of milk?

What does milk do?

Milk makes calves grow fast, and calves are big enough to eat grass, so milk is not needed, right?

So milk promotes growth, not only contains protein, fat and sugar.

The sugar is lactose, which also contains hormones and various growth factors.

It promotes development in calves, creates more growth factors, and allows various tissues to develop. 

One of these insulin-like growth factors can easily induce the growth of cancer cells.

When the factor is mixed with cancer cells, the cancer cells will grow rapidly. 

Men or women drink three glasses of milk a day, the insulin-like growth factor in the blood will increase by 10%, so it is very fast, it is almost thundering. 

Many researchers have said that if you don’t want things to grow in your body, you should probably not eat foods that make growth factors.