Thinking of going vegan? Here is how to become vegan step by step

Here is the full guide on how to become vegan step by step:

Step 1- You Don’t Have To Go Vegan All At Once

Recognizing the various impacts of our food and lifestyle choices, we can find ourselves heading in a certain new direction without knowing what to call it.

Vegan is not something that you become, it is something that you realize that you already were (are).

Maybe you’ve moved away from processed foods, dairy, refined sugar, fish, chicken… but you still eat red meat, like a Paleo style diet.

You are focusing on moving in a health-oriented direction.

That is good. One day you may find yourself naturally inclined to stop eating red meat, possibly without a formal reason “why”.

That’s okay. Don’t take veganism to be a very strict term.

It simply denotes a group of people who are living their lives in a certain way.

Step 2- Find Community

In our digital day and age, it doesn’t matter if you live in a big city or not, you can connect with many other vegans via the Internet.

There are many Facebook groups, Meetup groups and other ways to connect with vegans online.

Why not try starting a blog?

If you can’t find a community, create a community.

This is an important step when choosing to become vegan.

Step 3- Read Resources Before Going Vegan

There are many books and libraries and bookstores, resources and websites with useful information, and people you can find to talk to about the ideas, questions and issues you’re having with being vegan.

Chances are, somebody has already walked through the issues you are facing, and they can help you.

Somebody already has the answer to the question that is arising within you.

Ask the question and the answer will come to you. Be curious.

The concept of vegan may be new to you and nobody in your immediate community may be practicing these principles, but that does not mean that there are not other people in the world who are living the vegan lifestyle.

Do not be deterred. By reading and referencing other material, you will feel connected to people who share the same ideas and values as you do.

No need to proselytize! Your current community does not need to change to become vegan.

Do your part to join people who are already thinking the way you now are and who are living the way that you want to live.

Connect with them.

Step 4- Make It Fun When Going Vegan

Be excited that you discovered a new territory, which you can explore, investigate and contribute to.

There’s so much to learn – about how our lifestyle choices impact the environment, our health, and the animals – that you may just have found yourself a newfound driving force and passion!

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Step 5- Remember Why You Are Vegan

Most likely, the underlying reason and principle for why you are vegan LOVE.

Being vegan or considering veganism is an instinct you hold (to be more compassionate and kind to other humans and other species of a planet we all share).

By being a healthy strict vegan you are living a lifestyle of wellness.

A wellness vegan lifestyle keeps your body fit, energetic and strong.

Your everyday choices reduce the strain and stress we (as a human society) are putting on planet Earth as a whole.

You give animals their freedom to live their lives according to their own purposes.

You know that animals are not here simply to be subservient to us, human animals.

In fact, you realize that all animals – humans included – can coexist peacefully on the earth.

Finally, you know and are aware that by alleviating the suffering of others, you alleviate the suffering for yourself. 


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