Tropical Strawberry Shakeology is an all natural plant based protein powder that can be bought at many different vegan stores as well as other organic shops.

You can also find the product on many different websites( e.i : Amazon)

It is made of a great formula of some of the best and most healthiest plant based proteins available, from a wide variety of grains.

It also contains a huge number of absolutely essential healthy micro nutrients available in fruits.

Why are people interested in Tropical Strawberry Shakeology?

One of the biggest reasons for a renewed interest in any health product like this is the unfortunate epidemic of obesity.

The CDC has noted that over 40% of Americans are overweight or obese.[1]

We are apparently eating all the wrong foods and not getting enough exercise.

If you incorporate a healthy diet into your lifestyle, including adequate exercise, it is possible to reverse the tide of obesity.

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Getting fit with plant based protein

If you want to incorporate a Tropical Strawberry Shakeology into an active lifestyle that will help you get fit, then you should make sure that you take your protein shake directly after your workout.

Most trainers and nutritionists will tell you that it’s not good to eat directly before your workout.

Instead, try to get as much water as possible and hydrate a lot before and during the workout.

Then, when you have completed it, take a protein shake such as Tropical Strawberry Shakeology.

This is the best way to maximize the benefit of the entire workout.

The reason for this is relatively simple and can be seen in the ingredients found in the typical protein shake, which will contain large amounts of protein and possibly carbohydrates in the form of sugar (for energy).

But it will never contain fat.

This can be explained simply by the fact that drinking a protein shake that has no fat in it encourages your body to use the stored fat deposits after your workout period to boost your energy levels.

Tropical Strawberry Shakeology has a great blend of fruit power and plant protein power from sacha inchi, quinoa, flax, amaranth, spirulina and chia, all of which are blended together into a great mix that will go down really well and keep you full and healthy throughout the day.

Weight loss with Tropical Strawberry Shakeology

Tropical Strawberry Shakeology is a great weight loss product as well.

It will not only fill your body with healthy macro and micro nutrients, but it will also keep you feeling full for a long time so that you don’t overeat.

In itself, this plant based protein drink can make a great meal.

In fact, many people are able to go the whole morning on one or have one for lunch and be fine until dinner.

Alternatively, you can use it as a post workout meal for a quick protein and energy boost.

Either way, you’re going to get great benefits to weight loss with Tropical Strawberry Shakeology.

Why these grains?

It’s very difficult to find a good plant protein that goes into a drink well and doesn’t have other effects.

While plants such as beans, peas and corn are great sources of protein, they are unfortunately very heavy and tend to dominate the taste of the drink.

This is why light proteins are used such as chia, flax and amaranth.

These are left to ferment naturally so their true flavor comes out after sprouting.

This also releases much more of the internal minerals.

All in all, Tropical Strawberry Shakeology will be an excellent mix to add to your daily routine if you’re looking to get into optimal health.

Tropical Strawberry Shakeology is a great plant based protein product that can help you get fit and healthy. Read on to find out more.

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