Vegan Diet Food List That Includes Meat And Dairy Alternatives

Once you have decided to become a vegan, it means that you promise to commit yourself to the standard rules of this diet and obtain sustenance only from the vegan diet food list.

Still, it’s understandable that you may have occasional “meat craving moments”, especially during the adjustment phase.

They are usually heightened by the fact that there are limited ingredients which vegetarians are allowed to use to improve and expand their food choices.

I myself had found some of my vegan meals to be somewhat monotonous due to very few ideas with which they can be reinvented.

This is where the meat and dairy analogues enter the scene.

Because many delicious recipes today call for meat and milk products, a market for vegan alternatives has been created.

Meat Analogues With Ingredients From The Vegan Diet Food List.

Although the vegan diet offers many sources of protein, many of us would still try to imitate the taste of meat through organic means.

Plant-based substitutes are thus developed to create dishes that are tasty yet remain vegan all the way.

Many of the faux meats today are manufactured from soybean.

Tofu, tempeh and TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) are all derivatives of this seed.

Among the three, tofu has the widest use in vegan diet.

I have to say that the vegetarian turkey is the best example of its perfect “meat quality”.

On the other hand, tempeh and TVP are utilized as substitutes for ground beef in most pasta and Mexican recipes.

There’s still another variety of meat analogue which is also plant-based.

Seitan or wheat gluten is a protein-rich alternative to poultry.

You may add this ingredient to any recipe that requires chicken meat.

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Vegan Food List Of Dairy Substitutes

A pure vegan diet excludes all products manufactured from cow’s milk.

However, it seems that dairy products have already made their way to your favorite grocery items.

This is why you need to make sure that you are not using any forms of animal by-product in your diet.

Fortunately, there are substitutes for milk products that you can adopt for cooking and general consumption.

For one, there’s the delicious soy milk which can be made into yogurt and ice creams.

Other alternatives for animal milk include rice and almond milk, which are naturally processed from their respective plant varieties.

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Baking Without Eggs

How do you bake cake without using egg whites and yolks?

Culinary experts recommend that you determine first the purpose of using the poultry product in your recipe.

It turned out that eggs can be better replaced with the right ingredients if you know how they are going to be used.

I find this really helpful since I am a big fan of baking.

For creating a binding agent, you can use baking powder and oil.

On the other hand, if egg is required as a leavening agent, it is best to put flax seeds instead.

Here’s a 3 Egg Replacers For Baking and Cooking

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Suggested Vegan Recipes

Vegetarian lasagna is an appetizing reinvention of the famous pasta dish.

But instead of ground beef, you can replace the filling with minced tofu or tempeh.

Use only vegan-style Parmesan cheese to avoid accidentally putting rennet into your recipe.

Similarly, you may try making meat pies from a combination of ingredients found in vegan diet food list.

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