Vegan diet for beginners: Making the transition easier

Just like many “new beginners”, the vegan diet may prove a little difficult at the start, especially when it comes to restricting yourself to the traditional vegan food list.

When adopting a vegan diet we do not have the liberty of randomly picking grocery items from the supermarket shelves—something which the non-vegan people often take for granted.

Of course, you may have these good intentions in deciding to adopt this vegan diet.

But ethical beliefs are usually not enough bases for turning to vegan or vegetarian.

You should also be prepared to take the challenge of giving up one of the most versatile food on earth: meat.

Think you can do it?

Below are some menu suggestions that I have applied for my own vegan diet when I was a newbie and beginner like you.

They are very easy to prepare and as appetizing as your regular meat dishes that you’ll soon get the hang of it.

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Vegan Food List For Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this remains true whether you’re a vegan or not.

I know you’re still thinking about scrambled eggs and the all-time favorite bacon strips.

But you need to eliminate any animal by-products from your vegan diet, right?

Therefore, I suggest that you turn to meat analogues, aka “faux meat” for that savory morning meal without ever feeling guilty.

Most of these “meat clones” are actually made from soy-based ingredients and you can be sure that they have no traces of real bacon or sausage.

Scrambled tofu is a vegan version of breakfast egg.

There are instant packs that you can purchase at the supermarkets(or here on Amazon), but if you’re out of luck, you can easily make one using TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) or soybean protein chunks.

For those in a rush, eating whole grain products is the best way to go. If you want a purely vegan-style breakfast, simply sprinkle ground flax seeds on your morning cereal.

Vegan Food List For Lunch

While salad remains the favorite lunch among many vegan and vegetarians, it is interesting how the menu has expanded into a variety of options that make use of plant derivatives such as tempeh from soybean and seitan from wheat.

Pita breads are best eaten with hummus, a veggie-based dip which originated from Middle Eastern cuisine.

Vegetable sandwich and soup also never fail to hit the spot.

I recommend that you simply replace meat in most recipes with equally filling substitutes.

So that your vegan diet for beginners will go smoothly.

Dinner Suggestions

Craving for steaks?

Try Portobello mushrooms! Marinate them just like you would a slice of beef or you could use vegan-style sauce for grilling the mushrooms.

I like mine with dip on the side made from chili and bean paste.

And who could forget turkey?

Fortunately, you have a purely vegan alternative in tofu.

There are these products which are marketed for vegans and vegetarians but with the texture and taste of real poultry meat.

You can also make veggie-based gravy either from scratch or using a ready mix.

Snacks For New Vegans

You don’t need to skimp snacks, although you do need to drop greasy meat sandwiches and dairy products.

Chips are still okay, so are popcorn and fries.

Also, if you prefer all-natural foods, you can always snack on nuts and raisins as they are all included in the vegan food list.

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