Making vegan meals at home is an easy affair. The difficulty comes in when your kids are going to school.

Will you let them eat what they come across?

Are you ready to let your kids go out of the vegan track?

Well, since you want to bring up veganism in your children, you can only make sure you pack a vegan meal for them.

As you make your meals at home, consider some yummy vegan snacks and lunch meals for your school going kids.

The following are some great vegan lunch ideas for school you can use.

These are the kind of meals that will make your kids excited about lunch without feeling left out.

Vegan lunch ideas for school

1-Happy hummus Wraps :

A healthy vegetarian wrap is a great idea. Just tuck baby kale and carrot in tortillas with hummus.

You can get store-bought hummus and a bag of carefully washed baby kale. You can throw in your own twist to make the vegan lunch ideas for school specific for your child.

This means including anything else that they love and will go well with the idea.

2-Speedy bunny Bento

You can pack the lunch container with veggie balls and don’t forget to include a small container of dipping sauce.

This is a non-traditional vegan lunch idea that will go well with Lime orzo pasta or rice.

3-Silly Skewers

If you are looking for a tasty and fun lunch, you might want to consider Caprese tortellini skewers.

Just thread the tortellini (pre-cooked) on skewers and throw in tomatoes and any veggies that your kids like.

This is something they will love eating.

4-Wonder Roll Ups

If your kids do not love the common peanut butter and jelly, you can go for something out of the norm.

Go for gluten-free or whole wheat tortillas and give them the freedom of choosing their own favorite jam.

5-Mini Pancakes

You can approach lunch in a totally different way. Servicing breakfast as lunch is among the most creative vegan lunch ideas for school.

A good lunch involving pancakes is to make them mini and from a pumpkin. These pancakes are not only tasty; they are also full of beta-carotene.

These can be accompanied by a vegan drink such as a silk pure almond milk (the dark chocolate is awesome).

6-Sub Sammies

You can make a small sub with peppers and cucumber. This is one of the best ways you can sneak extra vegetables in your child’s lunch. You will get your kids to eat more veggies and love it.

7-Taco Wraps

Taco wraps made with beans are a great meal. They are delicious and the beans are full of proteins which are great for growing kids.

To make the lunch more interesting, you can serve this with a fresh fruit they like and throw in a mini muffin.

8-Pita Pizza

You can use pitas as the crust for their pizzas. Silicon muffin cups and mini containers can be used to store the toppings and the sauce.

9-Healthy Muffins

You can make muffins that are radiating with health.

Use oatmeal to make the muffins. To make the lunch delicious, add healthy fruit juice in the package.

When planning on the vegan lunch ideas for school, make sure you are including a healthy well-balanced meal.

Your kids still need to eat healthy, energy giving foods especially when they are in school.

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