Vegetarian Slimming

If you’ve never dieted before and you have no idea where to start, the prospect of making up your own calorie counting or fat counting diet is probably a little daunting.

You can set up your own diet – using our What do vegan eat post.

But is there a diet just for vegetarians?

Well, there is one – actually three – and they’re all featured in the book called ‘Vegetarian Slimming’ by Rose Elliot.

Rose features three slimming plans in the book :

The Vegetarian Hip and Thigh Diet (low fat)

We own a copy of this book so here’s a quick run down of what the book contains.

Part 1. – Successful Vegetarian Slimming

This section of the book has sections called:

“Be Honest”

“Weigh Yourself”

“Look at What You’re Doing Now”

“When, Why and What Do You Eat?”

“Getting Started” “Tips for Success”

“What Exercise Do You Enjoy?” and “Herbs, Foods, Lotions and Potions”.

This section is basically a guide to getting started with weight loss.

It includes a height/weight chart, makes you think about what you’re eating and why you want to lose weight and reveals the truth about the myths behind certain herbs, foods and lotions that are supposed to help you lose weight.

It also includes a guide to basic yoga with drawings and explanations to show you how to achieve the poses.

Part 2. – The Vegetarian Slimming Plan

This section explains the three different diets she recommends for vegetarians including “Calorie-Counters”, “Food-Combiners” and “The Vegetarian Hip and Thigh Diet”.

It includes suggested recipes for all three diets so if you just want to get started on one of the plans you can because there are plenty of recipes to choose from.

Part 3. – The Recipes

This section includes even more recipes with the calories counted and a guide to let you know which of the diets the recipes are suitable for.

Part 4. – Where to Find the Nutrients

This section breaks down the nutrients needed for a healthy diet (such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals), tells you exactly why your body needs them and explains which food groups contain which nutrients.

Part 5. – You are More Than Your Physical Body

This part of the book includes sections called “How Are You Feeling?” “Relaxation and Meditation” and “Visualisation and Affirmations”.

This part of the book is basically about the psychology behind dieting.

The visualisations and affirmations help you visualise yourself slim while the affirmations help you maintain willpower and self-belief.

The relaxation and meditation part of the book is particularly helpful if you are feeling stressed out.

The Final Sections of the Book

These include a ‘Calorie and Compatibility Guide to Basic Foods’, a ‘Afterword’, ‘Further Reading’ ‘Useful Addresses’, a ‘Subject Index’ and a ‘Recipe Index’.

Buying This Book

If you are interested in buying this book we suggest you buy it from Amazon(where we got our copy from!).

Check current price here.